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Beauty Essentials For School

Beauty Essentials For School

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With it being back to school time I started thinking about my own experiences of school. What my life was like, what I loved, what I hated and what my essentials were. I was always “that” girl with an array of beauty essentials in my school bag.

Now, I wasn’t always into wearing makeup to school. I used to go through phases where I would “make more of an effort” and then there were times that I just simply wasn’t bothered. And that’s ok. But I liked having things there incase I needed it.

That ranged from the girl essentials (the joys!) to things to fight my insecurities (skin issues) and other bits and pieces. I thought I would share them with you because when I thought about it I realised that I still carry a bag of essentials with me on a daily basis.

When it comes to beauty essentials for school I strongly recommend going for budget friendly options. Don’t bring “good” ,e.g expensive, makeup to school. It will only end in disaster.

Here are some of the beauty essentials for school that I still swear by…

Goodbye Shine

I remember one of my big concerns in school was how oily my skin used to become. Whether you’re wearing makeup or not I highly recommend blotting papers. They’re really great at removing excess oil from the skin. I used to always have them in my bag. I don’t know about you, but I found that any thing in my school bag got knocked about quite a lot, so I always found that powder compacts didn’t stay intact for long. Which is another reason I highly rate blotting papers for school. NYX stock a variety of blotting papers like Green TeaTea TreeSalicylic Acid which helps fight spots. Something that I’ve since discovered works wonders with oily skin is IMAGE Prevention Daily Matte Moisturiser SPF32+. I wish it had been around when I was in school.


The No Makeup Rule

I used to go through phases of wearing foundation in school – again it depended on how I felt and how my skin was behaving at the time. I went to an all girls school and they were pretty strict on makeup, but I always got away with it because I only wore a bit of foundation and no eye-makeup. Wearing makeup in school is a personal preference, but if you are going down that road keep it light and to a minimum. Try something like a CC cream. It can be hard to keep foundation in place throughout the school day thanks to the heat and the harsh lighting in class rooms. A trick that I only learned recently from a makeup artist is to re-fresh makeup by using a setting spray and a makeup brush. It’s such a handy tip and perfect for fixing makeup that has become patchy or shiny. Don’t be tempted to go back in with more product. Instead spray your face with a setting spray like wet n wild Photo Focus Setting Spray and then blend with a small brush like Real Techniques Setting Brush.


Lip Service

I recently saw Vaseline Lip Therapy Rosy again and it took me right back to being in 6th year. It’s a nice little hint of colour. I tend to lean more towards using stick lip balms when I’m not at home because digging into tubs with gross fingers just freaks me out. Carmex is great, especially if you suffer from really dry lips. Again cheap and cheerful is the way to go because chances are they’ll go missing pretty quickly.


Girl Problems

Something that’s worth keeping an eye out for is a tin sanitary pad holder. I had one that I got free with Bodyform back when I was at school and I still have it today. It’s so handy for keeping pads in your bag incase you suddenly need one. They’re super discreet and the tin makes sure that they stay protected and don’t get crushed in your bag. I’ve heard that Bodyform will have them as part of a promotion over the next few weeks, so keep an eye out in supermarkets. I will update you in the Instagram if I hear any more.


Have Scents

I think it can be nice to carry a little minute perfume or body spray incase you need to re-fresh yourself. A caveat to go along with this: don’t be that person that sprays something around other people; it’s my pet peeve. Especially if it’s strongly perfumed. Some people can have asthma or heavy perfumes can trigger migraines. Be considerate and spray it outside or in the bathroom. Penneys do mini perfumes and you just can’t go wrong with them. Deodorant Wipes are also handy to have on hand, especially after PE. Again, Penneys do them. And whilst we’re on the subject, Mitchum Shower Fresh Anti-Perspirant Roll is also another thing I wished I had have known about in school. It’s unreal!


See Also

Bag Of Tricks

Keep everything in a small makeup bag. And it’s ok to not want to dig into that makeup bag everyday or even very often. And if you have braces, throw in a travel tooth-brush and tooth paste. A miniature hairbrush and some extra hair ties and clips are always handy. I really love the Invisibobble for wearing your hair in a pony tail. They don’t damage your hair and even out the weight of your hair and help prevent headaches. Genius!

I always like to keep some Panadol on-hand incase a migraine strikes, but check your school rules and make sure that you’re allowed have them. Something that I highly recommend for headaches and sinus issues is Tiger Balm White Ointment. It honestly feels like putting cold cloth on your forehead.

And last but not least is hand sanitizer. You can buy these in Boots and Penneys also sell them with key ring holder. I am obsessed with the ones from Bath And Body Works, but sadly they’re not available in Ireland. But if you know someone heading to the US ask them to stock-up for you. They are DIVINE as James Kavanagh would say!

I know that this is title Beauty Essentials For School but honestly these are still the items that I keep in my bag to this day. They’ve seen me through school, college, work and traveling.

Have you any Beauty Essentials For School?

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