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How To Refresh Makeup

There’s nothing worse than spending an age on your makeup only get catch a glimpse of yourself at mid-day to see that all your handy work has been undone and replaced by a haggard mess. Well, there are worse things, but you understand the struggle.

Here are some simple tips and tricks on how to refresh makeup that may have worn off during the day instead of applying a ton more product, because that just makes it so much worse.

Often operation refresh makeup takes place without your whole dressing table present. So, think about what you might need when putting your handbag together.


The No. 1 Rule

Don’t be tempted to go back in with more foundation. If your skin has excess oil on it it’s only going to mix with the new product to create more of a mess. Ewww! And if you have dry skin, re-applying makeup is only going to highlight the issue more. So, no more foundation!


Blotting Papers

Use blotting paper to remove excess oil that may have built up on your skin. Simply dab (don’t rub!) the paper over your face. The great thing about blotting papers is that they don’t disturb or remove too much of the makeup. If you’re stuck, use some tissue paper.

Missy Loves FENTY BEAUTY Invisimatte Blotting Paper.


Foundation Tip

A really great make-up artist approved tip for fixing foundation that has started to wear off in patches is to use setting spray. Simply spray the area with setting spray and then use a clean foundation brush or Beauty Blender to buff it in.

Missy Loves wet n wild Photo Focus Setting Spray.



Use a light dusting of setting powder to re-set makeup and get rid of any shine. Don’t ever be tempted to drag your expensive lose powder around in your bag – it never ends well! Instead pick up a good budget version to keep in your bag at all times, that way it’s always there when you need it and you won’t be super heartbroken if anything happens to it.

Missy Loves NYX ‘Stay Matte But Not Flat’ Powder Foundation


Conceal, don’t feel

If you feel like you really need more converge over a spot or under your eyes use a small bit of concealer and blend, blend, blend!

Missy Loves Catrice Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer.


Flush of Blush

Blush is always the easiest and quickest way to refresh makeup and add a bit more life back into your face. Don’t go overboard with it; just a quick swirl on the apples of your cheeks is more than enough. Go for something that has a bit of a glow to it to add a natural flush.

Missy LoveBenefit CORALista


Have you any tips to refresh makeup?

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5 Irish Beauty Brands We Absolutely Love

The beauty business is big business. And although we might be a small country, there are some Irish beauty brands more than able to take on the international competition.

Yes, it’s always great to try buy Irish, but that’s made a whole lot easier when the Irish brand is deadly in its own-right.

Here are just some of Irish Beauty Brands that we absolutely love…

Carter Beauty

Unless you live under a rock, the recent launch of Carter Beauty Cosmetics by our fave Girl Boss, Marissa Carter, was probably on your radar. Carter Beauty Cosmetics is a great addition to Irish beauty with its amazing price points and high quality.

The brand already boasts over 100 products, which we have no doubt will only grow over time. We love the vast selection of lipsticks and the beautiful eyeshadow palettes!

And of course we also need to give a shout out to Cocoa Brown too!

Irish Beauty Brands

Image via SOSU by SJ


Ireland’s answer to Kylie Cosmetics, SOSU by SJ needs no introduction from us seeing as it’s stocked in almost every chemist in the country and Penneys!

What started out as a nail polish line has now grown to include eyelashes, contour kits, highlighters, tan, perfume and a whole lot more. We’re excited to see what Suzanne comes up with next.


Irish Beauty Brands

Image via Cleanse Off Mitt

Cleanse Off Mitt

There’s just something about this mitt that makes it a must-have! The Cleanse Off Mitt makes makeup removal so easy. We love this for our first cleanse.

Designed by skin guru Jennifer Rock, aka The Skin Nerd, The Cleanse Off Mitt is a far better alternative to the dreaded face wipe. Not only is it better for your skin, it’s also good for the environment.

This is a Godsend when you just need your makeup off quickly so you can hit the leaba!




Blank Canvas Cosmetics

Irish Beauty Brands

We’re pretty sure that Blank Canvas have every type of makeup brush you could ever need – in fact they have brushes that you never even knew that you needed! All of the brushes are amazing quality and start from €5.

Blank Canvas also have a number of makeup products including the famed Pippa Palette, which we are big fans of at!

Irish Beauty Brands

Human + Kind

Seriously, don’t you just feel happy from looking at the beautiful packing from Human + Kind ? We are big fans of this natural, vegan and cruelty-free Irish brand.

Human + Kind have lots of beautiful products in their range, but we are obsessed with their shower mousse! You will feel like a queen using it!


What Irish beauty brands do you love?

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Halloween Makeup Looks

Did you know that our article last year on Halloween Makeup is one of our most highly viewed posts ever? True story.

So, of course we just had to new a new one for 2018! Here are some of the best Halloween makeup looks to inspire your spooky adventures…


While not at all spooky, we are obsessed with Katie Snook’s unreal look! Katie has a full tutorial for this look on her YouTube. We’re just devo that there’s no other justifiable reason to look like this the other 364 days of the year! Pretty sure the mammies are not going to be too happy about all that glitter though…


Glam pumpkin? Sign us up now!



We just can’t stop looking at this spooky creation from @sadie.shill_makeup!

It make look super hard, but there’s actually a lot of room to just go with it. Start with the black and then outline everything with brown and orange eyeshadow. And just blend, blend, blend!


There’s a lot of inspo coming from Ariana Grande this Halloween and we are down for it. We love @sadie.shill_makeup cosmic look!


Cheekbones to die for – literally!


One of the big trends for Halloween makeup looks this year is neon skulls!


Decided to do something last-minute for Halloween? Then this look is an easy one to do@pinpinpinpin. Again, just blend blue and pink eyeshadows out like there’s no tomorrow!


We are not fans of spiders here at, but we are huge fans of this look by jodiemcd4. It really mixes traditional Halloween makeup with a glam twist.


Creepy and beautiful all in one look!


We are legit incapable of doing a makeup list on without including Aideen, but she just gets it right ALL. THE. TIME. We honestly can’t stop looking at this and trying to figure it out! If you’re all about the glam, but still want to have a Halloween look, this is the perfect idea!

Check out our Halloween Board on Pinterest for more inspo!

Which look will you be trying? Let us now in the comments below or Tweet us!

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The Beauty Edit: Berry Lipsticks

What’s not to love about autumn? Halloween is looming, the jackets are out, the scarves are on and we can finally dig out our favourite berry lipsticks.

Berry lipsticks seem to intimidate some people, but we say there’s a berry lipstick to suit everyone and we’ve honestly never come across a person who doesn’t look fab sporting a berry lip!

Here are some of the best tried and tested berry lipsticks to try temp you over to the dark side…


NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Copenhagen, €6.99

We just love the NYX Soft Matte formula. It’s long-lasting, but comfortable to wear all day long. NYX have a great selection of colours in the Soft Matte range but it’s no surprise that our favour shade is Copenhagen. It’s such a stunning colour. There are deep red undertone in it which makes it suit anyone. This also comes with a matching lip pencil which means it’s going to last even better and you’ll also get a deeper colour.

Huda Beauty Liquid Matte in Famous, €20

Famous verges more into a scarlet colour, but it still has a beautiful berry tone to it. We are earmarking this one for Christmas! The Huda Beauty formulas are super long-lasting too, we had to actually scrub it off of our hand with makeup remover to remover it!

berry lipsticks

e.l.f Matte Lip Colour in Scarlet Night, €5

This e.l.f is a bit like a lip pencil/lipstick hybrid. This is a really lovely colour because it has a purple/brown tone to it making it a great pick for day wear. We also love the thin applicator because it surprisingly makes applying lipstick a little easier if you’re a bit clumsy with normal lipstick.

Glossier Generation G in Jam, €17

Jam is probably the most easy to wear berry lipstick in our edit. It runs more on the purple side. Because it’s a bit like a balm it feels very nice to wear and is more low maintenance than the rest of the berry lipsticks. If you’re wanting to dip your toes in the trend this is the one to try! FYI: This is the colour that Veronica Lodge wears in season 1 of Riverdale!

M.A.C Satin Lipstick in Amorous, €19.40

Can you do a lipstick edit without mentioning M.A.C? We don’t think so! Amorous is more of a mauve toned lipstick than the rest. It has kinda photographed a bit weird above, but trust us – it’s a gorgeous berry shade! We highly rate the M.A.C Satin Lipsticks too because they’re more wearable than their matte formulas, which get a lot more attention.

Which berry lipstick is your favourite?


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10 Irish MUAs You Need To Follow On Instagram

10 Irish MUAs To Need To Follow On Instagram

Here at we just love sharing awesome Irish gals on Instagram! And we also love beauty and makeup, so we thought we would turn our attention to some of the fab Irish MUAs who are influencing all of our makeup purchases.

Here are 10 Irish MUAs To Follow On Instagram…


Aideen Kate

We are obsessed with Aideen’s YouTube videos here at, but who can blame us? Aideen has a great mix of easy to re-create looks AND some seriously out of this world looks – just look and the sun and moon look above! We. Are. Obsessed!


Mary O’ Connor

Mary is an incredibly talented makeup artist based in House Hair & Beauty, Wexford. Don’t expect to see too much of Mary as a lot of her Insta grid is taken up by some of the amazing makeup that she does on her clients. We love how Mary believes in creating looks that suit each client individually.

Lauren Malone

It can be hard to keep up with Lauren because she’s a very busy gal. Not only does she have her own YouTube channel, but she also has her own makeup academy in Gorey. Lauren also runs awesome makeup courses for teens. Check out her website for more details.

Jade Mullet

Another Wexford gal you need to know about is Jade Mullet. Jade’s makeup looks are honestly amazing. Jade is so chatty and down to earth on her Instagram Stories, but her grid is sure to give you serious makeup inspo. Keep an eye out because she regularly does makeup demos. See you there?


We’re pretty sure that you’re already following Keilidh (she has almost 300k followers!😱) but we still have to mention her because WOW her makeup looks are insanely amazing! Keilidh’s Insta is jam-packed with some incredible makeup inspiration. We have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot more from Keilidh in the future.

Aimee Connolly

We love Aimee Connolly here at because of the natural and beautiful makeup looks that she creates and we’re not alone. Aimee regularly works with Pippa O’Connor to create her signature look. As well as being a busy makeup artist, Aimee also has her own range of cosmetics, Sculpted by Aimee Connolly.

Chloe Boucher

If you need some serious eye makeup inspiration, Chloe is your gal. We always love the eye makeup looks that Chloe creates on her YouTube channel. Seriously teach us your ways, Chloe!

Ailish Beauty Addict

Two words to describe Ailish: knowledgeable and hilarious. Ailish really knows her stuff when it comes to makeup and regularly has us in stitches laughing with her hilarious Insta Stories. She also shares some very good beauty bargains. Definitely give her a follow!



Someone who probably needs no introduction is Ellie Kelly. Ellie has been building up quite the following and it’s not hard to see why. Ellie’s Insta is full of tutorials and tons of makeup inspiration. Ellie has also just announced a collaboration with BPerfect Cosmetics, which we cant wait to try!

Sadhbh Denieffe

Dream of being a MUA when “you grow up”? Well, Sadhbh has shown that you can still be at school AND carve out a successful career as a makeup artist. At only 17 she’s the youngest featured on our list, but Sadhbh already has over 10k followers on Insta. Sadhbh often does tutorials on her Stories and shows off the looks that she create on her clients.


Who are your favourite Irish MUAs To Follow On Instagram? Let us know in the comments!

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Missy Editor: Beauty Advice I Would Give My Teen Self


Beauty Advice I Would Give My Teen Self

As Beauty Editor of it’s safe to say that I know my way when it comes to makeup, but that wasn’t always the case. I had a few tragic incidents with beauty over the years. Here is some beauty advice I wish I could give my younger self…


5 Spot Treatments That Actually Work

Your skin will sort itself out

I don’t really think that I can claim to have ever had serious acne, but my skin used to really get me down. I hit the ol’ puberty really early, so I started getting spots from the age 10 onwards. It just always seemed like I had a constant cluster of spots around my chin. Once one would go another one would appear, and so on. It was weird because honestly I feel like I woke up one day around 18/19 and it wasn’t so much of an issue anymore. I wish I could tell my younger self that. Especially 12/13-year-old me who was very upset by my spots and just couldn’t get rid of them.

Also, I would like to tell my teen self that although St. Ives is a nice product, it is not a suitable daily cleanser! Yikes! I actually can’t belive that I used that everyday, my poor skin. No wonder it hated me.

In terms of what I like now for helping my skin now, I swear by Pixi Glow TonicThe Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2% Solution and The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%, which I chatted about before! The Glossier Milk Jelly Cleanser is also my fave!


Double Wear is not a good idea

I recently got a sample of Double Wear again after wearing it religiously for years, and let me tell you, I was SHOOK. No offence to Estee Lauder but seriously girls, Double Wear foundation is never a good idea. I couldn’t get over how heavy it was. It looked awful on, especially after a few hours and my skin just felt yuck! No one needs foundation that heavy. If you’re looking for a good coverage foundation I’m currently wearing and liking the wet n wild Photo Focus Foundation which is honestly fab and only €6.95.

Get The Right Shade Foundation

Sorry, but where you even a teen in the 00’s if you didn’t wear Miss Sporty Foundation or Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse? I actually cringe thinking about it because I’m pretty sure it was orange on me. Foundation should never be used to “colour” your face. That’s what bronzer is for. You should try to get as close a match to your skin as possible. I know some people tan (I can’t relate) so then and only then is it acceptable to get a slightly darker foundation. And while we’re talking about foundation buff it in light layers and don’t just plaster it on. I too was guilty of this in my teen years!

Blush is not your enemy

I used to be terrified of blush. As in, I’m pretty sure that I just didn’t use it until I left my teens behind. Why you may ask? Because I seemed to think that blush was a really bad idea considering I had a lot of pink undertones in my skin and that blush would only highlight that. The reality is blush is actually an essential when applying makeup. By skipping it your face looks very one-dimensional. And pale. And just very weird. Blush actual adds a lovely natural flush to skin. If you too have a fear of blush for irrational pink/red tone related issues I’d highly recommend a peach or coral toned blusher like Benefit Coralista or Peachin’ from Penneys.



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Can anyone see my eyebrows???😂

A post shared by Danielle Mahoney (@danimahoney32) on

👆🏻Me aged 19 with a nice enough shape on my brows but OMG they needed colour!😱

Get Your Eyebrows Done Professionally

I often think of my life a bit like history; instead of AD and BC I like to think of it as BB (before brows) and AB (after brows)😂. Getting my eyebrows done seriously revolutionised my life. Specifically when I started getting them tinted. I went to The Brow Artist and it changed everything for me. I’m not joking when I say that my eyebrows are naturally white. I started getting them shaped when I was 18, but it was only in my twenties that I finally start tinting them a dark brown and honestly I’m mortified that I left it so long. Brows really frame your face. And personally, I just feel far more confident when I have my brows done.

I definitely think that it’s a good idea to get them professionally shaped every few months. I tint my eyebrows myself because I’m confident in getting the colour correct now, but to start off with try going to someone like The Brow Artist and see what they do and then go from there. But seriously, life changing!!

Is there any beauty advice you would give your younger self?

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How To Steal Veronica Lodge’s Makeup Look

How To Steal Veronica Lodge's Makeup Look

We love Riverdale here at! The show is pretty outrageous at times, but it keeps us hooked. Another thing that keeps us tuning in is the costumes and makeup sported by the fab female leads. We’ve already told you how to steal Cheryl Blossomand Betty Copper makeup looks. So, now it’s time to take a look at Veronica Lodge’s makeup.

Veronica Lodge’s makeup is a lot darker than Betty’s makeup, which is meant to reflect the darker tendencies in Veronica. According to Teen Vogue, the Riverdale cast hides plot hints in their beauty looks. Veronica’s overall look is very pulled together and sophisticated beyond her years. It also gives us serious Blair Waldorf vibes!

We dug around to find out the EXACT products that the Riverdale makeup artists use to create Veronica Lodge’s makeup.



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A post shared by camila mendes (@camimendes) on


Veronica Lodge’s Nail Polish

Ever noticed that Veronica aways were the same nail polish? That’s by design according to Camila Mendes who plays Veronica.

“Veronica is like purple, navy, black, more jewel tones,” Camila told E! News. “You know, so she can do like a burgundy, or like a deep, darker red, like a wine colour. Her nails throughout the season are always Malaga Wine. Malaga Wine from OPI and that’s the nail colour I’ll always have for as long as we’re shooting Riverdale”.

You can copy Veronica’s nails by getting OPI in Malaga Wine in Debenhams, Beauty Bay and chemists around the country.

Veronica’s Signature Lipstick

In the first season of Riverdale Veronica uses Glossier’s Generation G lip color in JAM to create her signature berry pout. And great news! Glossier now ships to Ireland! You can use this code to get 10% off your first order.

Riverdale have a sponsorship deal with US cosmetics company, Covergirl. Which is why you see various Covergirl products placed on dressing-tables in the show. It’s rumoured that Camila wears the Covergirl Katy Kat Matte lipstick in Maroon Meow for a darker look, but sadly it’s not available in Ireland.


How To Get Veronica’s Perfect Brows

Head of Riverdale’s makeup department, Erin Mackenzie, chatted to Refinery 29 about how they go about creating Veronica’s perfect brows.  According to Mackenzie, she never wants Veronica’s brows to be as dark as her actual hair, so she keeps the brows one to two shades lighter. She uses eyeshadow (not a brow powder!) to fill in the actress’ brows for a more natural finish. Mackenzie mixes water with the brown shadow to make her own version of a brow pomade. She then uses a brush like wet n wild Angled Liner Brush like to create Veronica’s signature eyebrows.

Last but not least, she finishes off the look with MAC’s Brow Set in Clear to make sure that the eyebrows stay in place all day. Try e.l.f. Clear Brow & Lash Crystal Clear Mascara for a similar and more budget friendly effect.


How To Recreate Veronica Lodge’s Makeup

As for the rest of Veronica’s makeup, your guess is as good as ours. She usually keeps her eye-makeup quite natural, so that her eyebrows and lipstick are a main focus.  Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette has lots of similar shades. She also used liquid eyeliner on her top lash line to really define her eyes. Missy Loves Rimmel Glam Eyes Liquid Eye Liner.

Do you like Veronica Lodge’s Makeup?

[shopr collection=”veronica” order=”random”]

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Beauty Essentials For School


With it being back to school time I started thinking about my own experiences of school. What my life was like, what I loved, what I hated and what my essentials were. I was always “that” girl with an array of beauty essentials in my school bag.

Now, I wasn’t always into wearing makeup to school. I used to go through phases where I would “make more of an effort” and then there were times that I just simply wasn’t bothered. And that’s ok. But I liked having things there incase I needed it.

That ranged from the girl essentials (the joys!) to things to fight my insecurities (skin issues) and other bits and pieces. I thought I would share them with you because when I thought about it I realised that I still carry a bag of essentials with me on a daily basis.

When it comes to beauty essentials for school I strongly recommend going for budget friendly options. Don’t bring “good” ,e.g expensive, makeup to school. It will only end in disaster.

Here are some of the beauty essentials for school that I still swear by…

Goodbye Shine

I remember one of my big concerns in school was how oily my skin used to become. Whether you’re wearing makeup or not I highly recommend blotting papers. They’re really great at removing excess oil from the skin. I used to always have them in my bag. I don’t know about you, but I found that any thing in my school bag got knocked about quite a lot, so I always found that powder compacts didn’t stay intact for long. Which is another reason I highly rate blotting papers for school. NYX stock a variety of blotting papers like Green TeaTea TreeSalicylic Acid which helps fight spots. Something that I’ve since discovered works wonders with oily skin is IMAGE Prevention Daily Matte Moisturiser SPF32+. I wish it had been around when I was in school.


The No Makeup Rule

I used to go through phases of wearing foundation in school – again it depended on how I felt and how my skin was behaving at the time. I went to an all girls school and they were pretty strict on makeup, but I always got away with it because I only wore a bit of foundation and no eye-makeup. Wearing makeup in school is a personal preference, but if you are going down that road keep it light and to a minimum. Try something like a CC cream. It can be hard to keep foundation in place throughout the school day thanks to the heat and the harsh lighting in class rooms. A trick that I only learned recently from a makeup artist is to re-fresh makeup by using a setting spray and a makeup brush. It’s such a handy tip and perfect for fixing makeup that has become patchy or shiny. Don’t be tempted to go back in with more product. Instead spray your face with a setting spray like wet n wild Photo Focus Setting Spray and then blend with a small brush like Real Techniques Setting Brush.


Lip Service

I recently saw Vaseline Lip Therapy Rosy again and it took me right back to being in 6th year. It’s a nice little hint of colour. I tend to lean more towards using stick lip balms when I’m not at home because digging into tubs with gross fingers just freaks me out. Carmex is great, especially if you suffer from really dry lips. Again cheap and cheerful is the way to go because chances are they’ll go missing pretty quickly.


Girl Problems

Something that’s worth keeping an eye out for is a tin sanitary pad holder. I had one that I got free with Bodyform back when I was at school and I still have it today. It’s so handy for keeping pads in your bag incase you suddenly need one. They’re super discreet and the tin makes sure that they stay protected and don’t get crushed in your bag. I’ve heard that Bodyform will have them as part of a promotion over the next few weeks, so keep an eye out in supermarkets. I will update you in the Instagram if I hear any more.


Have Scents

I think it can be nice to carry a little minute perfume or body spray incase you need to re-fresh yourself. A caveat to go along with this: don’t be that person that sprays something around other people; it’s my pet peeve. Especially if it’s strongly perfumed. Some people can have asthma or heavy perfumes can trigger migraines. Be considerate and spray it outside or in the bathroom. Penneys do mini perfumes and you just can’t go wrong with them. Deodorant Wipes are also handy to have on hand, especially after PE. Again, Penneys do them. And whilst we’re on the subject, Mitchum Shower Fresh Anti-Perspirant Roll is also another thing I wished I had have known about in school. It’s unreal!


Bag Of Tricks

Keep everything in a small makeup bag. And it’s ok to not want to dig into that makeup bag everyday or even very often. And if you have braces, throw in a travel tooth-brush and tooth paste. A miniature hairbrush and some extra hair ties and clips are always handy. I really love the Invisibobble for wearing your hair in a pony tail. They don’t damage your hair and even out the weight of your hair and help prevent headaches. Genius!

I always like to keep some Panadol on-hand incase a migraine strikes, but check your school rules and make sure that you’re allowed have them. Something that I highly recommend for headaches and sinus issues is Tiger Balm White Ointment. It honestly feels like putting cold cloth on your forehead.

And last but not least is hand sanitizer. You can buy these in Boots and Penneys also sell them with key ring holder. I am obsessed with the ones from Bath And Body Works, but sadly they’re not available in Ireland. But if you know someone heading to the US ask them to stock-up for you. They are DIVINE as James Kavanagh would say!

I know that this is title Beauty Essentials For School but honestly these are still the items that I keep in my bag to this day. They’ve seen me through school, college, work and traveling.

Have you any Beauty Essentials For School?

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The Best Budget Drugstore Concealers

The Best Budget Drug Store Concealers

Do we actually use the words “Drug Store” in Ireland, or did we just acquire them from watching a lot of YouTube?

Chemist, Pharmacy, Grocery, Supermarket, place of joy…whatever you call the place where you stock up on your latest beauty buys, you can’t deny that there are some seriously great products on offer for a fraction of the cost of high-end beauty products. And a lot of the time they are just as good or better.

Here are some of our favourite budget drugstore concealers…

The Budget Drug Store Concealers


Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

Also known as Zoella’s favourite concealer, not to mention a whole host of other beauty gurus who rave about this lil’ product. This is probably one of the most hyped budget drugstore concealers out there. We love it because it’s so blendable, but it still provides great coverages. The only downside is that the colours in the range are still very limited. 100% buy this if you haven’t already tried it.

Great For: covering spots


Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer

A firm favourite here at, the Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer is a great dupe for the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer. We really love the doe-foot applicator, although we sometimes feel that it applies a bit too much product – so watch that. In terms of how long it lasts and coverage, it really can’t be beaten. There are also over 20 shades available.

Great For: full coverage, especially under the eyes

Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer

Don’t be put off by the “Anti-age” label, a good concealer is a good concealer no matter who the advertising department are trying to target. Again, this is another highly rated product by beauty gurus. This gives a nice medium coverage and is particularly good for under the eyes.

Good For: on the go application



NYX Professional Makeup Dark Circle Concealer

If you suffer from permeant dark circles under your eyes, you might need to invest in a colour corrector. We recommend applying it before your foundation. Once you’ve applied your foundation over it, follow-up with a light layer of a concealer that matches your skin tone.

Great For: those you are naturally dark under their eyes


L.A. Girl PRO.conceal HD High Definition Concealer

This is a name that’s only recently been on our radar, but we are seriously impressed with L.A Girl Cosmetics. There’s are a number of colours in the range and there are also correctors to go with the concealers. Theres also an applicator brush, which is v handy!

Great For: lasting all day

What are your favourite budget drugstore concealers?

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Is Penneys Cruelty Free? The answer is a huge YES!

Great news in the world of beauty: Penneys has just announced that their PS… range has earned the Leaping Bunny certification, which means that ALL of Penneys own beauty products are 100% cruelty free. Yasss!

You might remember that we interviewed Alisha from Flawless and Pawless a little while ago. That really opened our eyes to what is still going on in the beauty industry and it has made us far more conscious at about the products that we buy and support on the site. Which is why we were so exited to hear the latest news from Penneys!

It took Penneys over 18 months to get this Leaping Bunny certification. It means that nothing in Penneys products has been tested on animals.


This is huge news or a number of reasons

We are so behind Penneys/Primark making this huge decision. It’s horrific to think that animals are still being used in such a horrific manner just so we can highlight and contour until our heats content.

People often have an outdated belief that cruelty free products are hard to get and more expensive – which simply isn’t correct, as Penneys are now proving.

Cruelty Free International CEO Michelle Thew has said that this could be a game changer for cruelty free cosmetics and that it’s hugely significant globally. She hopes that other brands will see what Penneys are doing and make a similar decision to be cruelty free.

Penneys becoming cruelty free highlights how ridiculous it is that other huge brands can’t make the same commitment. MAC, L’Oréal and Nars are some of the high-profile brands who still allow testing on animals. If budget brands like Sleek and now Penneys can decide that they are going to be cruelty free, there is no reason for these huge brands – with far higher price points may we add – cannot follow suit.


Wasn’t animal testing banned already?

The answer is sadly no. Although there is a restriction in the EU on animal testing, it’s not enough to end the practice once and for all. There is a huge issue with China still testing on animals which is why Nars recently lost their cruelty free certification.

There is a common misconception that animal testing occurs on the finished product, but it’s not mascara or moisturiser that’s being tested. In most cases it’s the ingredients that makes up the product that are tested on animals. If scientist and manufactures are so worried about what they are using in their products that they feel the need to test on animals to make sure that its okay, you need to start thinking about what sort of chemicals and ingredients they’re putting into our cosmetics.


Why Is The Leaping Bunny Certification Is Important

The Leaping Bunny Program has very strict criteria. It means that a product has not come into contact with animals at any point during its production.

Any brand could just slap the words Cruelty Free on their product and be done – which is what some brands do. But that does not mean that they are actually cruelty free. In order to be officially recognised and cleared as being 100% cruelty free you need to go through The Leaping Bunny’s strict process. Once they are happy that a brand is cruelty free they provide a little bunny logo for brands to display to prove that all of the ingredients have not been tested on animals. Which is what Penneys will now have.

But don’t freak out and scream “LIES” if you go into Penneys tomorrow and don’t see the little bunny on everything. Penneys will be slowing rolling out the bunny logo over the coming months. Everything is still cruelty free because Penneys have been working on getting approval for a really long time. It would just be ridiculous for them to recall all of their products and throw them in the bin just because they don’t have the new bunny logo on them. Instead expect to see signs around the Penneys beauty area highlighting the fact that they are now officially certified cruelty free. And slowly the old packaging will be replaced with the new ones.


When it comes to buying makeup, we know that we will be choosing Penneys. Not only are their products incredible and affordable, they won’t weigh on our conscience. Well done, Penneys!


Our Top 5 Picks From The PS… Range

PS… My Perfect Colour Longer Foundation €6

Penneys have a number of great budget foundations in their range, but we highly rate this Longwear Ultimate Matte Foundation. It looks great on and lasts so well. It also gives up some serious Double Wear vibes, but this is way more budget and animal friendly!


My Perfect Colour Longwear Ultimate Matte Foundation Penneys Primark
Primark PS...Lipliner

PS…Lip Liner €1.50

The next time you’re in Penneys make sure that you pop one of their awesome lip liners into your bag! We love the shade “Toffee” because it goes well with every nude lipstick ever created. These lip liners are creamy and oh so comfortable to wear. It’s hard to believe that they’re only €1.50 and now cruelty free. Yay!

Mandarin & Basil Perfume, €10

This can be tricky to hunt down, but it’s worth the effort. Missy Loves the Mandrin & Basil scent because it’s just so beautiful and clean, but there are numerous different scents in the range to chose from. If you come across them we definitely recommend picking up a few bottles and keeping them as gifts for your mum, Granny or aunts. The packaging is very luxe and the scents are gorgeous. It’s really not to be sniffed at (sorry, we just couldn’t help ourselves!)

Primark Mandarin Basil Perfume
Primark PS... Peachin'

PS… Peachin’ €3.50

You would be forgiven for thinking that this was a Kylie Cosmetics Blush, but nope! We love this whole range of blush/highlighters because they just look so dreamy on the skin.

PS… Strobing Cream €4

Every makeup artist raves about the power of a good strobe cream and Penneys have delivered an amazing version. We love this mixed with our foundation to give a nice glow to skin. But it also looks great lightly buffed over your cheekbones. And for €4, you can’t go wrong.

Penneys strobe cream

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10 Ways To Make Your Makeup Last

10 Ways To Make Your Makeup Last

You spend an eternity perfecting your makeup, only to look in the mirror two hours letter to see it morph into something from a horror movie. First World Problems, we know. But it’s so annoying! And keeping your makeup in-tact is especially tricky during the summer heat.

But fear not, is here to  share some tips and tricks to help make your makeup last, no matter the weather situation.




1. Skin Prep

How well your makeup lasts is already being determined before you even apply your makeup! Your skin care is a huge part of the process, so don’t neglect it. Exfoliation is key to prepping your skin for makeup application – the smoother the surface, the more even it can be applied and therefore the longer it lasts. Missy Loves Soap & Glory Scrub Your Nose In It Pore Refining Facial Scrub. Moisturising is also super important as it helps with keeping your skin hydrated. If you suffer from oily skin it’s even more important that you chose the correct moisturiser to help control oil production. Missy Loves Image Daily Matte Moisturise SPF 32.




2. Prime Time

Try to get an oil-free, water-based primer; this will help your foundation from slipping or moving around. Primers help “seal in” your moisturiser to give you a blank canvas effect when applying your foundation. This helps prevent your makeup from “slipping off” during the day. Missy Loves Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer and NYX Professional Makeup Shine Killer.

The same principle applies to eyeshadow and although there are some great eyeshadow primers on the market like Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer and Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion, we highly rate using a concealer all over the eye area to act as a base. Missy Loves Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer by Catrice.




3. Make Foundation Last

Use an oil-free foundation to ensure that it stays put. Oil based products make it more likely that makeup will “slide” out-of-place. If you have dryer skin, make sure you moisturise well before using an oil-free foundation. Missy Loves Revlon Color Stay Foundation.




4. Layer It

Less really is more if you want to make your makeup last all day. Try using a Beauty Blender to apply light layers to create a smooth and even complexion. Building up your makeup products in light layers will make it last way longer than applying one heavy layer, and it always looks more natural too. Try applying a light, even layer first and then “top up” any additional areas that you feel might need a tad more coverage. There’s no point in caking lots of makeup on an area that simply doesn’t need it, only for it to “slide” off later on.



5. How To Eyeshadow In Place

To keep to eyeshadow in place and to stop it creasing, dip your eyeshadow brush in a priming spray before applying on eyelids. This is a great trick when applying a shimmery eye shadow. Not only does it help lock down the pigment to last all day, it also gives a ‘foiled’ effect to the eyeshadow. Missy Loves NYX Professional Makeup Makeup Setting Spray.




6. Wear Waterproof

Opt for a waterproof mascara to keep your eyes smudge free all day long. Mascaras and eyeliners tend to smudge under the eyes easily in warm environments. Try a waterproof formula so that you don’t get the ‘raccoon effect’ after a few hours. Also make an effort to keep your hands away from your eyes, which is way tricky than it sounds, amirite?



7. Set It

To make your makeup last all day, apply a powder to set both your foundation and the concealer under your eyes. Baking has become hugely popular as a way to set makeup. We talked about it a bit more previously. This not only mattifies by soaking up excess oil left on the skin, but it will also set your makeup for way longer. Missy Loves Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder and Revolution Bake and Finish Powder as a budget alternative.

Think about getting a pressed powder so you can take it with you to soak up oil throughout the day. Missy Loves NYX Professional Make Up High Definition Finishing Powder.


8. Setting Spray Is A Must’

A setting spray is the key component to make your makeup last. Setting sprays are great because they act as a “seal” for makeup. Setting Sprays are also great for refreshing makeup throughout the day. Missy Loves the hyped MAC Prep + Prime Fix Mini as it’s great to pop in your bag and it’s far more affordable that the big bottle.



9. Blot It

Using blotting papers to soak up oil during the day is great, but be careful as sometimes they can remove the makeup along with the shine. Instead of using blotting papers, try using Mini Miracle Complexion Sponges to soak up unwanted shine throughout the day. And they’re super handy to keep in your bag!



10. Keep the essentials with you

To keep your makeup looking fresh all day long, keep the essential products in a bag to touch up throughout the day. Make sure to keep your Mini Miracle Complexion Sponges with you to soak up unwanted shine, your lipstick to reapply lightly and your pressed lightweight powder to touch up by lightly tapping the product into the skin. Always select budget versions of your favourite products to keep in your bag, especially on nights out to avoid dealing with the horror of something expensive going missing. If we had a euro for every time we’ve lost our Velvet Teddy…😭.


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