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Christmas Shopping; What to buy the impossible person

Christmas Shopping; What to buy the impossible person

Sophie Coffey

There is such a huge variety of gift options out there so why is it that our parents seem to have thousands of “Top Mum/Dad” socks and our siblings are constantly accumulating bottles of shower gel or moisturisers in festive packaging?

If you’re looking for something a little different this Christmas that won’t break the bank, then look no further! Behold ten original ideas for unique gifts suitable even for the most challenging recipients this festive season.

Gift Ideas For The Impossible Person

The only way to be sure you don’t double up on a gift is to give something that uniquely reflects your relationship with the recipient. These are sure to be winners with parents and grandparents. If you come from a bigger family or have a number of siblings these are brilliant gifts to give as a joint present.

Don’t Overlook Vouchers

Vouchers can be just as meaningful as other gifts once a little thought goes into them.

Perhaps your parents might enjoy a voucher for a local café or restaurant. Or maybe your sister would like a voucher towards her favourite make up brand. Don’t forget about vouchers for experiences too including tours of museums or cinema tickets.

Giving monetary vouchers to places like hotels or restaurants mean the recipient usually has a choice regarding how they would like to spend it. It also gives you a better choice when it comes to selecting the value of the voucher so you can stick to your budget.

Tech Is Always A Winner

Some parents are fascinated by technology and would love the chance to try something new and “trendy”. The technology itself is often expensive but little gadgets to go with it tend to be much cheaper. These are particularly good gifts if you know a family member is set to receive a technology related present that you can purchase an accessory for.

The Recipe For The Perfect Gift

Recipe books might be a fantastic gift but with so many recipes available online now, their use has become slightly redundant.

Sets of unique utensils are brilliant replacements for someone who loves to spend time in the kitchen. Beware that storage space may be required so make sure that the recipient has somewhere to store this brilliant gift. TK Maxx is a great place to pick up something unique.

A Gift They’ll Actually Use

Okay, hear me out because admittedly storage does not sound like a particularly exciting gift! However, instead of buying jewellery that may be out of your price range consider gifting a jewellery box. This Alphabet Initial Navy Velvet Travel Jewellery Box, €17, is beautiful and adds a personal touch.

Equally instead of trying to guess their foundation shade, why not pick a cosmetics holder? These can be picked up cheaply in shops such as Penneys too.

You Can’t Go Wrong With Socks

Most of us have either gifted or been gifted a pair of fluffy socks at least once. While undoubtably appreciated there is a wide variety of other cosy clothing to exchange too. Try some other alternatives like a stylish scarf or a trendy hat.


Hampers are brilliant gifts but buying a ready-made hamper is probably way out of your budget. DIY hampers are ideal gifts for family and friends as they can be tailored to suit the recipient. Look online for some inspiration and then check out the shops to create your own hamper at a fraction of the price.


As any student will be painfully aware, by the time Christmas rolls around at least half the contents of our pencil cases will have mysteriously vanished…. Investing in some good quality stationery sets is sure to be a success.

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Scented candles or fairy lights are perfect for brightening up a room on a cold wintry evening so why not check out some of these home décor accessories. These are perfect for every price range and can also be picked up at great prices in Penneys.

The Present Every Parent and Grandparent Really Want

This is one that you can’t quite wrap in the same way, but it might be the most appreciated gift on this list.

Parents and grandparents especially love gifts that allow them to spend time with you. Taking your mum out for a coffee is going to be much more welcome than presenting her with her six thousandth “Best Mum” coffee mug! It doesn’t have to be a five-course meal but, set aside time to spend with your friends or family and it will be a much more memorable gift.

You can easily do a DIY voucher to present them on Christmas, which will probably go down a treat too as parents and grandparents tend to love homemade things that they can keep.

For more ideas check out our gift guide.

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