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First Year of College Survival Guide

First Year of College Survival Guide

Saoirse Mannion

Going into your first year of university can seem so daunting from the outside. It may seem hard to even know where to start planning what you need to do to get yourself ready for the upcoming college year. To try and take some of that anxiety out of the experience for you we have compiled a list of tips, we think will help any college-first-year. 

Here are our tired and tested tips for to add to your first year of college survival guide…

Learn The Campus Layout

Explore your new surroundings! Attend college orientations and guided tours to become acquainted with the ins and outs of campus life. It will be easier to navigate around campus once you have done so.

Say Yes to Everything!

Participate from the start. whether it is going to a clubs/societies meeting or just grabbing coffee with a classmate, just say yes. It’s the most convenient approach to meet other students and discover what interests you the most.

Accept Responsibility

“You’re on your own kid” as Taylor Swift would say, so be honest with yourself and identify your areas of weakness. Is it time management or procrastination? Is it reading or taking notes? Concentrate on the problem and attempt to improve it.

 Sign Up For Loyalty Cards

This may seem like an adult and boring thing to do, but it is honestly worth it. When the shopkeeper asks you if you want to join their loyalty program, just say yes. College is expensive as it is, so save money where you can, so you can save for the things you actually want.

Attend Your Classes

This should go without saying, but it is easy to fall into bad habits when there is no one around to keep you in check. It might be tempting to skip your 9am lectures in favour of a lie in, but you are only going to be causing problems for yourself farther down the line. When it comes to assignment deadlines and exam season, you will be glad not to have a load of catching up to do. 

Follow the Social Media Accounts of Your College

This is one of the greatest ways to stay up to date on what’s going on at or near campus. Follow your college’s social media profiles if you haven’t already. It can also be an effective way to stay in touch with classmates.

The Ideal Power Nap

Most college students enjoy taking naps. Avoid two or three-hour naps, or anything longer than 20 minutes. After waking up, 20 minutes of light sleep should leave you feeling rejuvenated. Anything more than 30 minutes causes your body to enter deep sleep, which is why you may wake up feeling sluggish or even more tired.

Make Use of College Facilities

There are so many things available to you on and off campus, you should research where everything is and when they are open, so you don’t miss out. Most colleges have a gym and pool that are free to use for students. The library is a great place to study or relax between classes. The college restaurant will usually have cheap meal options for you. You just need to know what is there, so make the most of your campus experience.

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Have you any tips that you think we should all to our first year of college survival guide?

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