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How To Balance The Move From Secondary School To College

How To Balance The Move From Secondary School To College

Caoimhe Mahon

College is completely different from secondary school. In one way, that’s great, in another way, it’s kinda terrifying from going to class learning to being responsable for your own academic workload. Balance is important.

Saying we need balance is all very well and good but actually achieving this is a whole other kettle of fish.

Balance works in roundabouts if we prioritise partying, socialising and relaxing all the time then our studies lag behind, our work is carried out and we end up setting ourselves up for stress and disappointment.

However, if we focus on work and study all time then we burn ourselves out, we lack enjoyable experiences and we lose touch with our friendships.

Here’s how to balance the move from secondary school to college…

Make lists

I love a good list and when you realise their benefits you will too.

Whether its on your phone, a calendar or in a notebook lists will help in making your day so much easier.

Write down everything that needs to be done along with any deadlines then write down what other things you would like to do like self-care or socialise and begin to shuffle into some sort of order throughout the day.

Ticking off as you go along will help with the motivation as you will feel accomplished and chuffed.

Be Realistic

There are only 24 hours in the day so do not over load your plans or list. If you do you will only feel overwhelmed and disappointed when you can’t meet the targets even if they were unrealistic in the first place.

So, prioritise you needs and wants, make them into bite size chunks and work through them bit by bit.

Don’t be so hard on yourself

There will be days when the list goes to pot and you can’t manage it at all.

If this happens do not beat yourself up. You are at least trying to get balance and that’s the most important place to start.

See Also

Regroup your ideas and needs and then start again for the next day. Do not keep pushing into the night and effecting your sleep schedule.

Follow a routine

For things like college, study and work try to come up with some sort of routine.

Once this is created your days will have structure and seem a whole lot longer and more workable. You’ll also be surprised what you can actually fit in during the day when you make a schedule for it all. All that reading that you have to do can become very manageable with some advance planning.

Going to college your life will get busier and balance will become more important than ever.

It will take some time to balance out a new routine after your move from secondary school to college, but following these simple steps will help iron out any issues and will have you flying in no time.

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