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Fun Facts About The Making of To All The Boys: Always And Forever

Fun Facts About The Making of To All The Boys: Always And Forever

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Fun Facts About The Making of To All The Boys Always And Forever

To All The Boys: Always And Forever is finally here!

Although we’re sad to be saying goodbye to this series that is just full of pure joy, we are ready to devour everything about it!

Here’s some fun facts and behind the scenes gossip about To All The Boys: Always And Forever that every true fan needs to know!

Facts About To All The Boys: Always And Forever

  • The Empire State Building in New York City was actually lit in the film’s signature colours — magenta, cyan, and yellow — for the rooftop party scene.
  • The prom scene was shot in one day and ended up being the first prom (or the only prom!) that many got to attend. As emotionally difficult as the scene was to film, it still ended up being a blast for everyone there
  • The cafe that Lara Jean visits in Seoul was not a set. It exists in real life! It’s called “Cafe Yeonnam-dong 223-14” (named after its address), and it’s one of the most Instagrammed spaces in the city.
  • In keeping with tradition, author Jenny Han has a cameo in the third film. Fans will notice her character has a mini arc of her own across all three films: She appears in flashback sequences as a middle school principal in the first and third films, and as the Vice Principal of Adler High in the second film, giving the character a nice little career trajectory.
  • The scene where Gen compliments Lara Jean on her shoes in the hallway mirrors the scene where Gen insults Lara Jean’s shoes in the first film shot-for-shot.
  • Several crew members, including Michael Fimognari and his family, left love locks on the fence at Namsan Tower in Seoul after filming at the location.

Director Michael Fimognari’s favourite scenes to film across all three films:

  • To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before: “Both track scenes. The one at the beginning and the one at the end. They’re scenes that are burned in my memory as special days.”
  • To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You: “Bringing Jordan Fisher into the cast. We found a piano at a hotel in Vancouver and Lana and Jordan sat at it and played and figured out the scene where she apologises for not telling him about Peter. The process of watching them build that scene together was such a great memory.”
  • To All the Boys: Always and Forever: “All the scenes with the sisters. They have so much fun, they make each other better, and they laugh all day long. Anytime Janel, Anna, and Lana are in the room, you know it’s going to be a special day. And I’d also say going to Seoul. That’s where we ended the production, and so that was a very special way to say goodbye to it.

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Jenny Han’s favourite scenes across all three films:

  • To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before: “The hot tub scene, hands down. It’s like a dance. She inches closer, he pulls her in, the tension builds — and then fireworks!”
  • To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You: “The treehouse scene. I love seeing all the characters interact in one enclosed space together, and I love Peter’s jealousy and the way John Ambrose McClaren doesn’t back down.”
  • To All the Boys: Always and Forever: “The cupcake cafe scene. There’s so much genuine emotion in this scene and so much vulnerability. My heart aches for both of them, knowing what’s to come.”

Producer Matt Kaplan’s favourite scenes from the third film:
  • “It was an amazing experience traveling with our cast to Seoul and exploring the Song-Covey family’s cultural history. Shooting in Korea with Jenny Han by our side was an unforgettable adventure.”
  • “Bouncing around New York City in the summer with this cast was a lot of fun, as well. New York and Seoul take us out of the world we’re accustomed to, and seeing Lara Jean, Peter, and the gang experience such an iconic place was really rewarding. We went to so many iconic parts of the city, but a big highlight was the whirlwind moment with Lana and Madeleine in Times Square.”
  • “Watching Lara Jean’s story come to a close with her family by her side, dancing the night away at the wedding, is such a fulfilling moment.”

Which one of the facts about To All The Boys are you most obsessed with? We are OBSESSED with the fact that the cafe in Seoul is real! Did some say “first international trip after COVID?!?

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