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Has Your Star Sign Changed?

Has Your Star Sign Changed?

Sophie Coffey

Without question 2020 is the weirdest calendar year we have ever experienced but as it turns out we have been reading said calendar year incorrectly when it comes to our star signs! Yep, that’s right, NASA scientists have announced that there is in fact a thirteenth zodiac sign that was previously excluded.
According to a NASA spokesperson “To make a tidy match with their 12-month calendar, the Babylonians ignored the fact the sun actually moves through 13 constellations, not 12”. As a result despite occasional references to it springing up over the years, this additional star sign remains widely unknown.

What Is The New Star Sign?

This new thirteenth zodiac is called Ophiuchus and those with this sign are apparently known for their curious natures. They display a thirst for discovering wisdom and knowledge. Other potential traits include creativity, intelligence, and charisma. Ophiuchus are known to be passionate though this may also lead to a fiery temper!
Ophiuchus exists towards the end of the calendar in between Scorpio and Sagittarius but the inclusion of it actually changes the dates of all of the signs. The most notable of these changes are to Virgo which has been extended to 45 days and Scorpio which has been reduced to only one week.
Check out the changes to the system to see if your sign has been affected.

And here is the new Zodiac calendar according to the changed star sign system…

Before you get too ahead of yourself, astrologers have explained that this recent announcement only affects the Sidereal zodiac system which is most commonly used in India. As part of the western world we actually use the Tropical Zodiac system which remains unchanged by this new shift.

Star Sign Spirit

owever, if you happen to be someone who checks their horoscope religiously and is eager to learn more about your new star sign then here is a quick rundown of each zodiac personality.
Capricorn’s are full of strength and patience while also balancing practicality with ambition.
Aquarius’ thoughtful loyalty and honesty make them reliable friends
Pisces’ are recognised for their compassion and kindness as well as their imaginative natures.
Aries are confident, adventurous individuals known for their passionate and energetic attitudes.
Taurus’ are known for their determination and reliability as well as their impressive patience.
Gemini are affectionate and friendly people who are also noted for their loyalty.
Cancer’s are caring empathisers thanks to their sympathetic and loyal natures.
Leo’s pride and confidence help them to demonstrate their humorous and creative personalities.
Virgo’s are renowned for their calm and empathetic natures as well as their diligent attitudes.
Libra’s tend to be quite social and extroverted despite their gentle natures.
Scorpio’s make some of the most trustworthy, caring and reliable friends.
Ophiuchus’ curiosity enables them to approach change with positivity and excitement.
Sagittarius’ have a fun, positive and open minded attitude and approach life with enthusiasm.
How do you feel about your star sign changed being changed? No biggie? Totally questioning your identity? Let us know over on our Instagram.
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