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How To Manifest A Great School Year

How To Manifest A Great School Year

Jessie Bennett

We’ve spoken about manifesting before, but how do you apply that to your school year? 2020 has been a weird one, and the return to school is never easy so going back whilst still in a pandemic can be an overwhelming thought.

However, by incorporating some of the following techniques you’ll be able to focus your mind and manifest a great school year! Whether it’s making new friends, or getting better grades, there are ways to manifest the outcome we want.

Here’s How To Manifest A Great School Year


Set Intentions & Goals

The main part of manifesting? Having something to manifest! The first step is to set intentions and goals for the year ahead. Try to be as specific as possible. The more defined the goal or intention the better.
It’s best to write these goals and intentions down in order to really be able to focus and work out what it is you want. It might take a few goes to get down to the very clear ideas you need.

Ask The Universe

Once you know what it is you would like to manifest for a great school year, it’s time to ask the universe for it. This can be done in several different ways from letter writing, to journaling or meditation. You can explore these options more here.
It may take some time to find a method of manifesting that suits you, and that’s perfectly ok. So long as you are clear in what you are asking for and you are able to focus you can manifest a great school year.

Work Towards Your Goals

As you know, manifesting is not the same as wishing. You have to focus on what it is you want and really work toward your goals. A way to help get you working towards your goals is to list some ways you feel would help you get close to your goals. Try to implement these things into your everyday life.

Have Trust In The Process

If manifesting, it’s important to trust the universe is putting everything into place whilst you work on your goals. You can’t doubt the process, and you must realise that everything happens for a reason. If something goes the opposite way to how you would’ve liked remember that this has happened for a reason. It might not be abundantly clear at first but you have realise further down the lie why things went the way they did.

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Look For Signs and Acknowledge Them

An important part of manifesting a great school year is to be open to receiving signs from the universe, and acknowledging these signs once they come into your life. Writing them down or making a mental note can really help in the acknowledging process and can help refocus you in times of doubt.

Positive Vibrations Are A Must

The law of attraction, and manifesting work on positive vibrations. You’re probably scratching your head wondering what exactly are ‘positive vibrations.’ Basically these positive vibrations stem from the actions we take to manifest something. Things like journaling, future scripting, and meditating can all help you rise your positive vibrations. A positive outlook on life is also helpful.

Be Patient

There’s no set time frame for manifesting. Someone might achieve something within a week, whilst it might take others years. The longer it takes, the more frustrating it can become. However, it’s important to be patient and let go of any urge to have things rushed along.
Are you going to join us by manifesting a great school year?

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