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How To Deal With Moving Away For College

How To Deal With Moving Away For College

Caoimhe Mahon

College is a really exciting time full of opportunity and enjoyment however, for some people the idea of living away from home for the first time can be daunting.

You find yourself living in a new city, away from family and sharing a house or flat with new people.

This is normal so don’t be too hard on yourself. However, you also want to enjoy your time at college so here at Missy we have out together some tips to deal with homesickness so you can carry on living your best life.


At college you can find yourself with a hundred different options of things to do and people to see from societies to class, parties to study groups but at the same time you lack a plan and things might not materialise.

This does not have to be an elaborate to do list but simply some ideas to keep you busy, entertained and your mind of being homesick.

Get a calendar and mark in events, call up a friend and find a date to suit you both so you can stick to it.

Small things like this go a long way and turn your ideas into a reality.

Remember why you are here

This is probably the best possible advice I could give you when combating homesickness at college.

Next time you are walking through campus, meeting a friend for a coffee or hanging out in your college flat take a look around and soak it all in.

You have worked so unbelievably hard to get there and ahead lies great opportunities socially and professionally.

Think about all the people who would love to be in your shoes, think about how badly you wanted this and what you can make of it.

There will be tough times, ups and downs but the rewards are second to none so persevere.

Stay in touch

Staying in touch is great to feeling connected to family at home so keep each other up to date.

Send pictures, videos and updates of you out and about around campus so that they are apart of the experience.

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Schedule call chats on FaceTime and even get the whole family involved on group calls.

Have little targets

Be realistic and don’t be so harsh on yourself.

The homesickness will not simply disappear after reading this article so stick with it.

Set little targets like eating in the kitchen with your flatmates, going out for a little walk to explore the campus or even taking part in an event to break up your days.

Living at college can be a blast, which you don’t want to miss out on but it can also be hard saying goodbye to family to start a new chapter.

So, take baby steps, trust in your choices and progress and believe me bit by bit, day by day it will get better.

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