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How To Balance College And Your Social Life

How To Balance College And Your Social Life

Alannah Murray

It can be a huge adjustment from school to college and you aren’t given much time to do it. You are thrown from the clutches of the Leaving Cert and CAO madness into the abyss of college life and expecting to prevail. It can be difficult to find your ground and your routine again. Here are just a few small things to help you along the way.

Join societies and sports, even crazy ones

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t tried the sport before or have never heard of the society, join them if you are interested. Societies are where you have the most fun and make the most friends. It can be a great way to kick-start your college social life. And if you need to miss training sessions for one reason or another no one is going to kick you out. It’s an understood fact that students are busy.

Plan ahead

Start keeping a diary, just to jot down what will be happening in the following week. It becomes apparent quite quickly that student lives can be pretty jam-packed. So, just to help you plan and make sure you make the most of your time I suggest writing it down.

Don’t have F.O.M.O

F.O.M.O for those who don’t know is the Fear Of Missing Out. It can be a real thing when you start college, especially when you want to make and secure friendships, to want to go to everything. But just remember its college there is always another time to do things. Don’t let F.O.M.O ruin things.

Use those connections

People who have been in college, friends who are a year ahead of you, siblings and cousins. Anyone and everyone who in college, even if it isn’t the same one as you are, talk to them. They have the experience that you don’t, and you could get some really handy advice that you wouldn’t find in the handbook.

Don’t do nights out before nine a.m.’s unless you plan to miss them

College is about you. No one is going to force you to go or pay attention and college is only valuable to you when you pay attention. So, if you are going to fall asleep in lectures I’d say it’s not worth it. Sometimes you have to be a grown up and say no to a night out if it’s only going to cause trouble the next day.

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College will be useless if you don’t take in any of the information because your too tired, which means if you don’t understand the subjects in class you will have to study more which will mean an even bigger loss of time. You should actually make time to nap to make sure you have enough energy.

How do you balance your college social life?

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