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How To Get Back Into A Routine After TY

How To Get Back Into A Routine After TY

Sorcha Kennedy

TY is such a fun year; you get to explore career opportunities, learn new skills, and go on really fun trips and adventures. 

But, one thing that isn’t really done or thought about is academic work, and the Leaving Cert isn’t really thought about. 

Some people may get a bit of a shock going from such a relaxed year into 5th Year, which is quite different. It can be hard getting back into exams and studying after not thinking about it for a year. But, as someone who has just gone through it, I have some tips on how to get back into the swing of things after TY.

Make A Plan

The first thing you need to do is make a basic study plan. This can be very loose and flexible, it’s just so you have a structure to follow. You can make this any way you want to suit you and your schedule.

For me, I picked 2 subjects and did an hour of revision each, changing the subjects every day. But I’d change it for days that I had after school activities on, or if I had a test on a specific subject. If you do grinds in a certain subject, that can count as your revision for the day.

Staying on top of the work is the most important thing because trust me, it begins to build up quite fast. If you work through it in small loads as you get it, there’s less chance that you’ll become overwhelmed. Tying into this, if you’re like me and need your own handwritten notes, make them as you go along. I’ve been in so many situations where I only begin making my notes a week before the exam, which doesn’t give me enough time to actually learn what’s on them.

Maybe once a week take some time to write out notes from what you learned that week.

Have An After-School Routine

Having an after school routine is super important! For me, I come home from school at around 4, I have something to eat and I start my homework around 4:30. This small routine gives me enough motivation to actually start on time, otherwise, I would just keep procrastinating and I’d end up doing my homework at 10 pm. Naturally, your routine might be different from mine, but having one will make your life so much easier.

It’s also important not to put all your attention on school work. Making school and revision your whole life isn’t good for your overall mental health.

Make Time For Yourself

You should allow yourself time to have hobbies and to see your friends outside of school. If you have an activity on every night, maybe pare that back but you shouldn’t give it up completely.

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Giving yourself this downtime will actually help you with your studying because you won’t be overworked and tired. Even if this downtime is reading a book or baking cookies, it’s still giving your brain a chance to switch off for a while.

Stay on top of your work and take some well-deserved breaks, and you’ll be fine.

Are you struggling to get back into a school routine after TY and studying at home during the pandemic?

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