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How To Know If You Have Outgrown Someone

How To Know If You Have Outgrown Someone

Alannah Murray

Out-growing someone, does not mean that you physically gain the height advantage on them. It means that either you have changed or that person has changed and now you don’t suit anymore. It’s no one’s fault but it can be exhausting trying to keep up a friendship/relationship with someone you have out-grown.

Here are some of the signs to look out for when contemplating whether you have out-grown a person.

You Still Love Them, You Just Don’t Like Them.

It’s rough because you still care for them and want to be there for them, which is primarily why you are still hanging around them. But parts of them that you used to admire, you now don’t like. Character traits that used to be appealing are now annoying.

You Think About How Things Used To Be

You latch onto these memories back when you didn’t feel the way you feel now about this person because you want to justify the relationship and that is the only way you know how anymore.


Everything Feels Forced

Time spent with this person just doesn’t flow like it used to. You feel like you are forced to smile and to talk. Like you’re talking to someone to be polite rather than just talking to someone you know.

You Don’t Want A Full Cut Out

See you still care for them, but ‘less is more’ for you now. You don’t want to never see them again or hate them at all however, at the same time you don’t want to see them as much as you are now because it’s becoming exhausting.

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While You’ve Been Reading This, You’ve Been Thinking of This Person

Sorry to say, but while reading this, someone popped into your mind and that is the person that you have outgrown.

Are you worried you might have outgrown someone?

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