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How To Make Your Outfits Autumnal

How To Make Your Outfits Autumnal

Caoimhe Mahon

I don’t know about you but Autumn is my very favourite season, I honestly cannot get enough of it.

From sipping pumpkin spiced lattes to strolling through parks full of leaves every minute is just lush.

Of course the fashion for Autumn is also completely lush too with warmer tones, cute accessories and layers making a comeback so you can be sure to have fun with it.

So how do you make that outfit Autumnal?


We all know the classic Autumn colours: red, orange, brown and gold, so be sure to include these to give your outfit that rustic edge.

Sometimes it might be hard to partner these with something that will make an outfit complete without looking too over the top. In this case add neutral tones to break the block of colour and lift the outfit these may include cream, beige and black. 

If you are feeling like making a statement then bulk up on the same colour, perhaps with variations of shades to create a boss woman block look.


Especially at the beginning of Autumn it may still be warm or clammy through parts of the day, but never worry you can still layer up to look fashionable whilst staying cool.

  • Choose light, airy fabrics which are breathable.
  • Opt for long flowing skirts in muted tones, which keep you cool but add length and dimension to the outfit.
  • You cam always wear a sheer top under another top to mix up the look without going overboard
  • When it does need it add a scarf on top of a loose blazer or a cute hat to complete the look.


Accessories are so fun to add to any outfit but especially when it comes to Autumn.

There may still be glimmers of sun so yes, you can keep those glasses but this time opt for classic cream frames, bulky black ones or an elegant gold pair.

Scarfs and hats are a must for Autumnal walks. Again, these don’t need to be too warm but instead choose a lighter fabric but with a floral, leafy or checked print on it to really make it seasonal.

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I love adding big and thick jewellery to my autumn outfits to really make a statement so be bold and add that bulky chain over your jumper or chunky ring to pop against your jeans.

Belts can pull an outfit together when needed but they can also break up sections to make each bit of the outfit pop individually and together.

So next time you are trying to design your Autumn wardrobe think outside the box, be unique and do not be afraid to be bold with your choices.


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