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#trending Gen Z Yellow

#trending Gen Z Yellow

Team Missy

After years of living in a time where everything was “millennial pink” we are ready to move onto a new colour. That colour? Gen Z yellow, of course.

This luminous hue is hard to miss. It’s been popping up all over social media and in fashion trends. Those who embrace Gen Z yellow do so to make a statement. When we think yellow, we think vibrancy, zest, and optimism.

Now, the actual Gen Z yellow is a bright, in your face sort of yellow, which honestly brings us all sorts of happiness looking at it, but if it’s a bit *too* out there for you, fear not, yellow in general is having a moment.

Here are some of our top picks for wearing yellow like a true Gen Z’er…

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How do you feel about yellow? Do you think that this colour defines your generation?

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