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How To Plan A Debs

How To Plan A Debs

Team Missy

You thought you were all finished with reading about the Debs on, didn’t you? Wrong!

6th year may have only started but we bet Debs fever is already catching. And with that comes the Debs Committee.

Here’s some things you should consider if you find yourself tasked with planning your schools Debs.

This Is A Democracy

You should realise straight away that you will not be able to please everyone when it comes to the Debs, but it can be nice to get ideas. Why not set up an anonymous survey on Survey Monkey to get suggestions about the venue, entertainment and menu?


Leave Your Notions At The Door

Yes, we’ve all grown up on a diet of American television and seen prom glorified, but it’s not the same in reality. Don’t start off with all these mad notions, like having a “Prom Queen” – it never ends well.

Divide up the jobs evenly

Make sure that everyone has an even workload spread throughout the year. Team work is a must and good communication will make all the difference.

Chose Your Venue Carefully

Keep it as local as you possible can. Check out all the venues and see what they are willing to offer you in terms of rates and perks. Some hotels are known to offer free gym membership to all 6th years.

How To Plan A Debs


This is where a survey can come in handy; chances are you might find out about a band who weren’t even on your radar before. Ask around and who people would recommend or who did the 2018 Debs circuit.

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Tickets, get your tickets!

The venue will probably issue you with tickets to distribute. It can be nice to jazz them up a little bit to make them a bit more special though, if you have the time.

Think about how you are going to collect the money for the tickets. It’s best to offer people the chance to pay in instalments across the year, as not everyone will have the money up-front. So, make sure that you have very clear and written notice from the venue and vendors about what is due and when. Also, don’t force people to buy tickets. The Debs isn’t for everyone. And not everyone will be interested in bringing a Debs date. Be discreet about people’s plans. You’ve been given a huge responsiblity and you need to respect the power that goes along with it. Also make sure that you set cut-off dates for collecting money. Put someone in charge of publicising the details with your year. They will be responsible for telling people when money is due by. Set up a Facebook page and make posters to put up in the classrooms.


Check to see what the venue includes in its packages. Think about adding an extra few euro to the cost of tickets so you can purchase flip fops and keep them in a basket and put together a little hamper in the girls bathroom. Think deodorants, hairspray, clips, tampons, perfume. Again it doesn’t cost much, but it’s something that people will appreciate on the night.

Know Your Weakness

The Debs is supposed to be fun, so there’s no point being stressed over the planning process, especially as you’re already dealing with 6th year woes. Know what you’re good. Play to your strengths and let others do the same. And ask for help if you need it.

Have you any tips on how to plan a debs? Let us know in the comments.

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