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5 00s Teen TV Shows You Would’ve Been Obsessed With

5 00s Teen TV Shows You Would’ve Been Obsessed With

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Following on from our popular 5 00s Teen Movies You Would’ve Been Obsessed With we decided to look as some of the TV shows you would have loved. The great thing is with the wonder of the internet and boxsets you can get a chance to discover these awesome 00s teen tv shows for yourself.

Veronica Mars

Veronica Mars is a teenage private detective obsessed with solving her best friend’s murder. On top of that she’s also dealing with all the usual school drama. Each season focuses on a different crime/murder. And honestly, you will be left on the edge of your seat trying to guess who’s responsible.

Veronica Mars only ran for three series before getting cancelled, which was a documented travesty. It’s a good job that a movie was made in 2014 financed mainly by fans of the show. Yes, people are that dedicated to Veronica and for a good reason. Expect to see some familiar faces pop up in the show like Amanda Seyfried who plays Veronica’s murdered BFF, Lily. If you’re after something with a bit more bite to it than the usual teen dramas on offer, this one is for you!

As of now Veronica Mars is not available on streaming services, but you can purchase the boxsets on Amazon.

Dawson’s Creek

If you like Friends, you’ll enjoy this late 90’s/early 00’s tv show. Dawson’s Creek is where Katie Holmes and Michelle Williams (The Greatest Showman!) got their big break! The series follows Dawson Leary through the ups and downs of life as a teenager. The show even follows them to college. Expect teen drama, romance, and everything else in between!

Dawson’s Creek was on Netflix once upon a time, but for the moment it’s not there. You can purchase the boxsets on Amazon or stream on Amazon Prime.

The O.C

If you loved Gossip Girl you will adore The O.C!

It’s from the exact same team as GG and fun fact; Seth from The O.C is married to Blair IRL! The show follows Ryan Atwood and his adopted brother Seth, as they try to fit into life in affluent California. Showcasing the culture clashes that can take place when those with a grip of reality are submerged in a shallow, materialistic society. It’s not as complex as it sounds, and the teen drama is always a bit of fun, if not slightly over exaggerated! The soundtrack is also on point. Expect to see a very early performance from The Killers!

You can purchase the boxsets on Amazon.

The Hills

Okay, so we’re kinda cheating mentioning this along with The O.C because The Hills kinda exists because of The O.C! Stay with us on this; The O.C was a HUGE pop culture phenomenon in its day and due to its success someone at MTV thought it would be a great idea to make a reality TV show about the “real lives” of wealthy teens in Orange County, California. Laguna Beach: The Real O.C ran for 3 years on MTV and was super popular. One of the stars from the show, Lauren Conrad, was then given her own show. The Hills followed Laren moving to Hollywood for fashion school and to intern at Teen Vogue.

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The Hills really was the predecessor of all modern reality TV shows. Get ready for such classic quotes as “I want to forgive you, and I want to forget you”.

In sure sign that we’ve in the midst of a naughties revival, The Hills is coming back to our TV very soon. AND Misha Barton (Marissa from The O.C!) has signed up to appear in it. 00’s overload, or what?!?

The Hills is still shown on MTV at times, but expect to see the series repeated ahead of the new series in early 2019. You can purchase the boxsets on Amazon.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Seriously, if you were a kid, tween, teen or adult from 1996 to 2003 chances are you would have been OBSESSED with this show. Buffy is a kick-ass, feminist hero who was really ahead of her time. 

This was on Netflix but it has been removed, so light a candle that it will return ASAP. Until then you can purchase the boxset on Amazon or stream on Amazon Prime.

What are your thoughts on 00s teen tv shows? Need to watch or leave them in the past?

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