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How To Recreate Lara Jean’s Bedroom

How To Recreate Lara Jean’s Bedroom

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There was so much to love in Netflix’s To All The Boys series, from the clothes, to the cakes, to…Peter K.

But another thing that always caught our eye was Lara Jean’s bedroom, which was seen a ton over the course of the three movies. It was her sanctuary, were she retreated to mull over her feelings. And often engage in some random fantasy conversations.

We loved the bright colours and beautiful personal touches in Lara Jean’s bedroom. Not to mention that floral way and pink ombre dresser….so we decided to look at how you too can have a bedroom like Lara Jean.

Lara Jean’s Floral Wall

Lara Jean has a beautiful floral wall behind her bed that’s the focal point of the room. There’s lots of different ways to achieve this look yourself. From wallpaper, to stencils or if you’re good at drawing you can try do it yourself.

Be Thrifty

Lara Jean is known for her quirky style and that extends to her bedroom decor. LJ’s room is made up of different styles of furniture and accessories that clash. The overall impression from the room is that Lara Jean probably spent hours combing though secondhand shops to find the perfect pieces.

You can easily do the same thing by checking out local charity shops and secondhand furniture stores. Also, don’t forget to ask family if they have any lamps of furniture laying around that they don’t want. You’d be surprised by some of the gems hiding in attics!

Lara Jean’s Pink Ombre Desk

One of the standout pieces in Lara Jean’s bedroom is her pink ombre desk.

To recreate this you need a desk with drawers or a dresser (use what you have at home or check out secondhand furniture shops).

Start by painting it an undercoat of white. For the ombre drawers you need a dark pink. Paint the bottom drawer this colour. Move onto the next drawer but first add a bit of your white paint to the pink, this will give you a light pink but it will still have a similar tone. There’s no point buying various pinks for each drawer and this way looks more cohesive. Continue adding white to the pink for each drawer until you finish with the lightest pink.

The surround of Lara Jean’s desk is white, but you could paint it pink if you prefer.

You also don’t have to use pink to recreate this. Any colour will work so long as you mix it with white as you go along!

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Fairy Lights Are a MUST!

When in doubt, just add fairy lights!

Fairy lights are a cheep way to add some pretty lighting to you bedroom.

Add A Personal Touch

Lara Jean’s bedroom is full of personal items that mean a lot to her and she also has tons of pictures.

While it’s nice to take some inspiration from Lara Jean’s room, don’t feel like you have to copy it. Show off your own style and taste, just like LJ!

Now you know how you can recreate Lara Jean’s bedroom, just try keep it tidier than she does!

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