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Here’s How To Recreate Lara Jean’s Outfits in To All the Boys: Always And Forever

Here’s How To Recreate Lara Jean’s Outfits in To All the Boys: Always And Forever

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We’ve always been huge fans of Lara Jean’s style in the To All The Boys movies. From the very first movie we we obsessed with her style. For Lara Jean it’s not about being a salve to fashion, but dressing in a unique way that fits her personality.

Her style has definitely grown from the first movie, which was important for the film’s costume designer, Lorraine Carson, to show.

“We did use a couple of pairs of shoes from the second movie, like the pale sage green sandal from Geox that Chris comments on in a scene in the school hallway. In flashbacks, you do see a number of iconic pieces, such as the pink duffle coat. As we wanted to move Lara Jean forward to a more sophisticated and mature look, we left the more youthful girl pieces in the closet.”

Lara Jean’s wardrobe also incorporates more vintage pieces than the sequel to showcase her creativity, individuality, and self-discovery. “Lara Jean has this flair for putting together things that she finds: vintage and things that she makes,” explains Carson. “So we incorporated more of her personality into these clothes. As she was maturing, the clothes are maturing.”

The result was some really great fashion moments.

If you loved Lj’s style too, here’s how to recreate the outfits Lara Jean wears in To All The Boys Always And Forever

Lara Jean’s Yellow NYC Dress

One of the standout looks from Always and Forever is the yellow dress Lara Jean wears exploring NYC with Chris, which also takes her to a college party. Lara Jean fits right in with her sunny yellow vintage dress, with delicate striping and dot patterns. It’s such a simple, but beautiful outfit.

For the look, Carson swapped out the original black buttons for “camera-friendly” marigold fabric-covered ones. “You can’t go out and buy it in the stores,” says Carson. “It’s what makes Lara Jean, Lara Jean.”

A pink cotton belt and commuter-friendly white leather platform Keds add a contemporary touch to the otherwise-retro look.

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Lara Jean Sightseeing In Seoul

Lara Jean sure does know how to dress like a stylish tourist! The start of the movie gives us an LJ fashion show as she explores Seoul with her family. Lara Jean sports a number of playsuits and it turns out that Lana Condor was a big fan of them too!

“(Lana) loved all the short rompers she wore in Korea like the blue one with the button front and ruffle straps from Zara and the yellow and white stripe jumpsuit from Banana Republic”.

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Lara Jean’s Blue Wedding Dress

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When it came to their father’s wedding, all three Covey girls wear various shades of blue. Lara Jean wears a customised fit-and-flare matte satin dress from a prom line, Leena for MacDuggal.

Nordstorm sell a lots of dresses from the leena for Mac Duggal collection. There are quite a few leena dresses to chose from from the collection. We found this dress which looks VERY similar to Lara Jean’s dress, but it’s more navy than blue.

Another dress that looks like Lara Jeans one is this one. Yes, it’s longer, but if you were to get it customised like LJ but getting it tailored to be shorted and added an underskirt, you totes have a similar dress to Lara Jean.

Carson herself amplified Lara Jean’s skirt silhouette with a structured, flouncy crinoline underneath and accessorised with pink Michael Kors stilettos. “It made her stand out,” she says.

Lara Jean Hair Accessories

Lara Jean’s scrunchie is iconic! As are her hairbands! But Always and Forever was all about head scarfs and ribbon scrunchies.

Here’s some of our favourites, which we’re sure Lara Jean would love too.

What was your favourite look when it came to the outfits Lara Jean wears in Always And Forever?

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