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How To Take Care Of Your Skin During The Winter Months

How To Take Care Of Your Skin During The Winter Months

Jessie Bennett
Winter Skincare

Winter is here. And with it comes central heating, fires, cold winds and just a general chill in the air. All of this can take its toll on our skin as we move from hot to cold environments.

With this in mind we’ve listed some ways you can take care of your skin during the winter months, which let’s face it, will last until May here in Ireland.

How To Take Care Of Your Skin During The Winter


Adjust Your Skincare Routine

Our summer skincare routines won’t often cut it during the winter, so now is the time to mix it up. We tend to use lighter products during the summer. These products are often not strong enough to keep our skin up to scratch come winter. Keep reading for ways to adjust your skincare routine for winter!

Use A Heavier Moisturiser

We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again. Going from hot to cold throughout the winter months can leave our skin flaky and dry. This is why we need a moisturiser that’s got a bit more to it. Obviously if your skin is sensitive, don’t opt for anything too heavy.


Stepping up your exfoliating during the winter months can really help get rid of any dry flaky skin. You don’t have to go over the top, a gentle exfoliant used regularly will do the job!

Dermalogica’s Daily Microfoliant is a great gentle, daily exfoliant.

Wear Sunscreen

We can not stress this enough, sunscreen must be worn every single day, even on the greyest of days! Whilst it might be second nature during the summer, applying SPF is just as important during the winter.

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The skin on our faces can be a bit more sensitive, so definitely get yourself an SPF that is specifically designed for your face.

Choose Products That Hydrate

Our skin needs that little bit more help getting hydrated during the Winter months. Products like The Ordinary’s Hyaluronic Acid is great for adding moisture back into the skin.

Stay Hydrated

There’s only so much topical products like moisturisers, cleansers and serums can do. To really help your skin stay hydrated and healthy this winter, make sure to stay hydrated. These Hydrate Tracker bottles are great for seeing how much water you should be drinking throughout the day.

Do you have any tips for taking care of your skin this Winter? Let us know your top tips for taking care of your skin during Winter!

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