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How To Actually Save Money This Black Friday

How To Actually Save Money This Black Friday

Sophie Coffey

Your inbox and social media are likely flooded with retailers such as ASOS insisting that they are about to offer you the greatest bargain of your life!

Spoiler alert: this is probably not the case.

However, there is no doubt that Black Friday can be a great time to save yourself some money, particularly after the financial struggles of this year. In order to glean some tangible benefit you just need to be savvy about your sales!

Luckily for you, we take our bargains very seriously at! Here are some top tips to help you get the best value for money this Black Friday!

Check our list

Your first stop when it comes to saving money (and time) this Black Friday is to find out where the best deals are! And just for your shopping ease we have created a list of the best Black Friday discounts. This list is being frequently updated to guarantee that you can get the best bargains so be sure to check in regularly!

Check the percentages not the pictures

Much of the commercial Black Friday advertising that you will have likely seen, exploits the use of bright flashing imagery or urgent language. Try to avoid being swayed by the use of terms such as “must have” (it probably isn’t!), “urgent” (it’s probably not!) and “unmissable” (you’ll survive!). Focus on the products themselves and what value you will gain from them.

If you are trying to maximise your savings then consider only purchasing items that have a discount above a certain percentage such as 20%

Making a list, checking it twice!

Getting money off while shopping is a fantastic bonus but it is only an advantage if you get money off a product that you actually want. Saving €100 on camping equipment is only a deal if you adore camping!

Either on your phone or some paper, prepare a list of items that you are hoping to pick up. This will help you to keep your bargain hunting purposeful and focussed.

Set yourself a budget

The concept of saving money in the sales is thrown out the window if your bank account still ends up completely depleted by Saturday morning!

Keep yourself on track by creating a rough budget or amount of money that you are comfortable spending before you start clicking add to basket.

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It is also helpful to make note of what you are paying with each purchase because online transactions can add up quickly! If you do find your online shopping habits are severely depleting your bank balance then check out these tips!

Have a few saved products

If you want to ensure that you make worthwhile purchases this Black Friday then save the details of a few of your favourite products. This way you are more likely to bag bargains on items you will use over ones that will hang eternally unworn in your wardrobe!

Online wish lists are handy ways of achieving this ahead of the sales.

No last minute dot com!

Panic buying leads to impulse purchases that are often not worth their cost. It might be called Black Friday but most of the deals will run throughout the whole week or weekend. Some companies will also offer various deals on different days so keep an eye on your favourite products instead of the clock!

What are your tips for bagging a bargain this Black Friday?

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