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Is Glossier Worth The Hype?

Is Glossier Worth The Hype?

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Is Glossier Worth The Hype? And How To Get Glossier In IrelandIf you watch YouTube or follow any US or UK beauty gurus on social media chances are you’ve heard about the super hyped Glossier.

Glossier first came out back in 2014 and is the brainchild of Emily Weiss who also founded Into The Gloss, an online beauty destination. The buzz about the brand has steadily been building momentum over the past few years. Initially it was only available in the US and in the Glossier showroom in New York. Hence the Glossier hauls from every influencer who stepped foot in NYC. Buzz reached fever pitch earlier this year when whispers began that the brand was getting set to launch in the UK. I’ve been dying to try Glossier since its launch so of course I was going to get my hands on it.

Now, the bad news up front. Glossier are not shipping to Ireland right now. Missy contacted them and asked what the situation was because come on, we’re right next to the UK and they are shipping to Northern Ireland. They say Ireland is a big priority right now so fingers crossed they get it together soon. More about how to get Glossier in Ireland below!

Thanks to some clever marketing and a big push on UK bloggers there was a lot of talk about Glossier when it finally started shipping in the UK last month. Word of the wise in general, if you see a lot of bloggers talking about one brand/product or if its features a lot in “blogger post” be aware that it is a marketing push. So, with that in mind is Glossier worth the hype? Here’s a rundown of what I recently got and my thoughts…

Milky Jelly Cleanser

One of the original products that launched Glossier. It’s lovely for the morning, but it’s not going to do the job of removing makeup. It’s very similar in texture and consistency to other balm/jelly cleansers on the market. I like that theres a pump on this and that I don’t have to dig into it like the Elemis Balm. The price point (£15) is good too if you want to compare it to other balms on the market. I like it.

Balm Dotcom

Another of the OG products from Glossier. It’s nice. I got the Coconut falovored one. But honestly it’s not mush different to Vaseline or DR Paw Paw. Nice to have, but not overly remarkable.

Super Pure

The Glossier website makes the claim that 96% of users saw a reduction in redness within one week and 79% said their blemishes were visibly less noticeable. A big sell, especially when you’re struggling with spots. There’s Niacinamide in this which is really supposed to help with breakouts. Although it’s an oil it’s not greasy at all and goes on lovely under makeup. So far I like this, but its hard to give an option on this when I’ve only started using it. Leave it with me and I’ll get back to you.

Cloud Paint

More like Clown Paint. This was the biggest disappointment for me. It had been very hyped by beauty gurus on YouTube, but I just don’t get the appeal. I don’t think it blends nicely on the skin at all, it just sits there making you look like a clown. And you have to be very careful not to sneeze out too much product which is hard considering its in a tube. I think I’ll stick with my Coralista.

Generation G

This is the product that was added to my basket and removed a number of times. I had come across conflicting reviews of this online with Fleur De Force disliking it and The Anna Edit raving about it. In the end I allowed curiosity to get the better of me and I chose Jam, which is a purple colour i.e. my go-to. It’s not dry like I heard online, but I’m not too jazzed about the colour. It’s lacking a bit of dept that I usually like with my mauve/purple lipsticks. It kind of looks like I had a lollypop that turns your tongue a different colour. It’s comfortable enough to wear – a bit like a balm, so I might consider giving another colour a chance. Perhaps Cake or Zip.

Boy Brow

This is beginning to achieve a bit of a cult status. Firstly, a disclaimer. I have extremely blonde eyebrows that I tint myself, but depending on when that was last done they tend to fluctuate in their colour. I personally would not use Boy Brow on its own because I like to have a darker definition to my brows, but if you have naturally dark brows I’m sure you would rather enjoy this. It does give a nice amount of natural colour to brows. I’ve been enjoying using this with the NYX Professional Makeup Precision Brow Pencil with this over it to set them. It makes your brows stay in place all day. If you’re into your brows you’ll love this!

Body Hero Daily Oil Wash One of the most recent launches. I saw a review online for this that said it smelled like a “french baby” which I though was pretty funny. It’s and oil that foams up with water and leaves your skin feeling super soft. A bit overpriced, but nice. I think you would go though it very quickly.

Glossier Sweatshirt

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Look, I’ll buy into anything especially if blogger is shilling it to me and seeing people visit the store in NYC and coming out triumphantly with a Glossier Sweatshirt made me want it bad. It was £50 so I’ll write it off as a “Happy Birthday to me present” but it’s only a sweatshirt. Yes, it’s a very cosy and can be worn with anything but it is peak #basicbitch – which I am. I enjoy it for what it is. Not exactly an essential purchase in life, but nice to have.

Overall there are some Glossier products that merit the hype, but just like any brand there are some that are missable. So far I really like the Milky Jelly Cleanser, Boy Brow, Body Hero, and the sweatshirt. I’m interested in trying their Mega Greens Galaxy Pack and their new perfume, Glossier You.

The packaging is nice and I can see why it really appeals to bloggers on a superficial point. Everything is very Instagram-able. But I’ve noticed that the white paging does get grubby very quickly. Presentation wise everything again is a dream for the “gram“. It’s pink and fun and comes with stickers. But it’s hard to weigh up the merits of the brand when they are not currently shipping to Ireland.

So how can you get Glossier in Ireland? Now, there is a way around the shipping issue. An Post offer a service called AddressPal. Once you register with them they provide you with a proxy address which you use on the Glossier website and AddressPal will forward it onto either your local post office or to your home. It’s starts from €3.75 which is very reasonable.

There is free shipping in the UK if you spend over £25 which means it will be shipped free of charge to the AddressPal proxy.

You can also get 10% off your first order using this code. Have you tried Glossier yet?

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