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Is Penneys Cruelty Free? The answer is a huge YES!

Is Penneys Cruelty Free? The answer is a huge YES!

Team Missy

Great news in the world of beauty: Penneys has just announced that their PS… range has earned the Leaping Bunny certification, which means that ALL of Penneys own beauty products are 100% cruelty free. Yasss!

You might remember that we interviewed Alisha from Flawless and Pawless a little while ago. That really opened our eyes to what is still going on in the beauty industry and it has made us far more conscious at about the products that we buy and support on the site. Which is why we were so exited to hear the latest news from Penneys!

It took Penneys over 18 months to get this Leaping Bunny certification. It means that nothing in Penneys products has been tested on animals.

This is huge news or a number of reasons

We are so behind Penneys/Primark making this huge decision. It’s horrific to think that animals are still being used in such a horrific manner just so we can highlight and contour until our heats content.

People often have an outdated belief that cruelty free products are hard to get and more expensive – which simply isn’t correct, as Penneys are now proving.

Cruelty Free International CEO Michelle Thew has said that this could be a game changer for cruelty free cosmetics and that it’s hugely significant globally. She hopes that other brands will see what Penneys are doing and make a similar decision to be cruelty free.

Penneys becoming cruelty free highlights how ridiculous it is that other huge brands can’t make the same commitment. MAC, L’Oréal and Nars are some of the high-profile brands who still allow testing on animals. If budget brands like Sleek and now Penneys can decide that they are going to be cruelty free, there is no reason for these huge brands – with far higher price points may we add – cannot follow suit.

Wasn’t animal testing banned already?

The answer is sadly no. Although there is a restriction in the EU on animal testing, it’s not enough to end the practice once and for all. There is a huge issue with China still testing on animals which is why Nars recently lost their cruelty free certification.

There is a common misconception that animal testing occurs on the finished product, but it’s not mascara or moisturiser that’s being tested. In most cases it’s the ingredients that makes up the product that are tested on animals. If scientist and manufactures are so worried about what they are using in their products that they feel the need to test on animals to make sure that its okay, you need to start thinking about what sort of chemicals and ingredients they’re putting into our cosmetics.

Why Is The Leaping Bunny Certification Is Important

The Leaping Bunny Program has very strict criteria. It means that a product has not come into contact with animals at any point during its production.

Any brand could just slap the words Cruelty Free on their product and be done – which is what some brands do. But that does not mean that they are actually cruelty free. In order to be officially recognised and cleared as being 100% cruelty free you need to go through The Leaping Bunny’s strict process. Once they are happy that a brand is cruelty free they provide a little bunny logo for brands to display to prove that all of the ingredients have not been tested on animals. Which is what Penneys will now have.

But don’t freak out and scream “LIES” if you go into Penneys tomorrow and don’t see the little bunny on everything. Penneys will be slowing rolling out the bunny logo over the coming months. Everything is still cruelty free because Penneys have been working on getting approval for a really long time. It would just be ridiculous for them to recall all of their products and throw them in the bin just because they don’t have the new bunny logo on them. Instead expect to see signs around the Penneys beauty area highlighting the fact that they are now officially certified cruelty free. And slowly the old packaging will be replaced with the new ones.

When it comes to buying makeup, we know that we will be choosing Penneys. Not only are their products incredible and affordable, they won’t weigh on our conscience. Well done, Penneys!

Our Top 5 Picks From The PS… Range

PS… My Perfect Colour Longer Foundation €6

Penneys have a number of great budget foundations in their range, but we highly rate this Longwear Ultimate Matte Foundation. It looks great on and lasts so well. It also gives up some serious Double Wear vibes, but this is way more budget and animal friendly!

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My Perfect Colour Longwear Ultimate Matte Foundation Penneys Primark
Primark PS...Lipliner

PS…Lip Liner €1.50

The next time you’re in Penneys make sure that you pop one of their awesome lip liners into your bag! We love the shade “Toffee” because it goes well with every nude lipstick ever created. These lip liners are creamy and oh so comfortable to wear. It’s hard to believe that they’re only €1.50 and now cruelty free. Yay!

Mandarin & Basil Perfume, €10

This can be tricky to hunt down, but it’s worth the effort. Missy Loves the Mandrin & Basil scent because it’s just so beautiful and clean, but there are numerous different scents in the range to chose from. If you come across them we definitely recommend picking up a few bottles and keeping them as gifts for your mum, Granny or aunts. The packaging is very luxe and the scents are gorgeous. It’s really not to be sniffed at (sorry, we just couldn’t help ourselves!)

Primark Mandarin Basil Perfume
Primark PS... Peachin'

PS… Peachin’ €3.50

You would be forgiven for thinking that this was a Kylie Cosmetics Blush, but nope! We love this whole range of blush/highlighters because they just look so dreamy on the skin.

PS… Strobing Cream €4

Every makeup artist raves about the power of a good strobe cream and Penneys have delivered an amazing version. We love this mixed with our foundation to give a nice glow to skin. But it also looks great lightly buffed over your cheekbones. And for €4, you can’t go wrong.

Penneys strobe cream

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