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Keep Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’: Why investing in a bar cart will elevate your beauty regime (and your room)

Keep Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’: Why investing in a bar cart will elevate your beauty regime (and your room)

Emma Green

If you’re anything like me, you may have noticed on your social media feed in the last year or so images of fancy trolleys decked out with martini glasses, gin bottles and neon cocktail signs. The humble bar cart, traditionally used as a mini bar on wheels, has had somewhat of a renaissance recently, especially when Penneys released its range of totally chic yet affordable bar carts in its homeware section. 

Even though you might not be old enough to drink yet, that doesn’t mean you can’t put one to good use. I own three trollies myself, none of which are used for alcoholic purposes. I have two three-tiered trollies that I purchased from Hobbycraft, one of which I use as a mobile library and another for organising my craft supplies, and I also have a gorgeous art-deco style cart from Penneys which I use to create a seasonal display in my room. 

Their versatility means you can adapt them to your own needs Not everyone has the luxury or space for a dressing table, but with a vanity cart, you can have a dedicated place for all of your beauty must-haves that can be stored anywhere, whether that’s in your bedroom, bathroom or cupboard. 

Another benefit is their accessibility – everything isn’t hidden away in drawers so you can see exactly what products you’ve got and what you’re running low on. You can also use them for extra storage for holding surplus cosmetics like all those eye shadow palettes that have been gathering dust on your desk or for items that you don’t use every day like nail varnishes. 

The beauty of bar carts (get it?!) is that they don’t take up a lot of space, so they can be tucked away into nooks and corners, but they can also make fantastic focal points within a room too – particularly if you have fancy perfume bottles to display, as well as other pretty trinkets. 

Still not convinced you yet? Then here are my top tips for creating your own specialised vanity cart:

  1. Get Inspiration

A vanity cart combines both functionality and style, and the trick is to make sure it looks good. Look to visual social media sites like Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr for ideas on creating a cart that amplifies your personal style.

2. Organisation is key

If you’re as obsessed with the Netflix show, The Home Edit, as much as I am, then you’ll know the importance of everything having its own place and the power of clear plastic containers. You can use whatever you like though to display your beauty products – whether that’s a rotating make-up carousel, a mirrored tray or a mini utility cart for arranging perfumes and creams. You can also opt for mason jars, baskets, bowls, mugs or specially designed makeup organisers – there is no right or wrong method.

3. Utilise your trolley

With some models, you can buy additional accessories such as racks, trays and bins to attach to your trolley for extra storage options. Or you can create your own DIY curling iron or hair dryer holder by following this simple hack from Polkadot Chair, using zip ties and a utensil holder. 

4. Add personal touches

Your trolley should reflect you and your personality, so don’t be afraid to use stickers, magnets or battery-powered fairy lights to jazz it up a bit! You could also try adding lettering to the shelves using a Cricut machine or purchase personalised vinyl labels from Etsy. You could also decorate your cart with non-beauty items like candles, flowers, diffusers and coffee table books for a stylish finish. 

Will you be trying the beauty bar cart trend?

By Emma Green

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