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Kylie Jenner’s Baby Announcement Was OMG On So Many Levels

Kylie Jenner’s Baby Announcement Was OMG On So Many Levels

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Kylie Jenner’s Baby is here! And her announcement was OMG on so many levels.

Firstly, Kylie fricken Jenner was pregnant AND gave birth. If you don’t see the big deal in that you are on the wrong site! We knew Kylie was pregnant, but still there was a moment of WHAT?! when she actually confirmed it almost 5 months later.  Let’s all just take a moment for that news to sink in.

Kylie didn’t exactly manage to keep her pregnancy a secret, but she did keep out of the public eye and didn’t talk about it. Kylie only confirmed everything a few days after she had given birth by posting a note and a video documenting her pregnancy. The video gave us a lot of OMG moments and left us with a few thoughts.

One of the biggest OMG aspects of Kylie’s pregnancy and birth is that she chose to give the announcement and footage away for free. Usually the Kardashian family makes big announcements on the show. Take Khloe’s recent baby announcement. It was rolled out over two nights on E!. Big events in the Kardashian family draws a bigger audience than usual and in turn the Kardashians and E! make an absolute ton of money from advertising and sponsorship. Kourtney televised all of her births on the show (hello sex ed for the modern era!). Kim chose not to, but still documented her pregnancies on the show. Don’t fool yourself a lot of money was lost out on because Kylie chose to go her own way. It’s seriously admirable, but it’s going to be very interesting to see where she goes from here.

We also need to talk about how she showed Kim’s new baby, Chicago, and not her own baby. This is the first time that Chi has been seen in public. Was Kylie allowed do that? Did Kim allow it because she knew the announcement was going to be such a big deal and wanted to ride on the wave of it? How much is Kris Jenner involved? Because the Devil works hard, but Kris Jenner works harder! So many questions. It was definitely an unexpected moment.

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There is an Irish twist to Kylie giving birth. Caitlyn Jenner was in Dublin attending the Xpose Benefit Awards at the exact same time that Kylie was in labour in L.A. If you follow Irish Influencers on Social Media you will have seen that Caitlyn got photographs taken literally every Influencer in the land. This detail makes us quite sad for Kylie. Anyone who watched the show years ago saw how close Kylie was to her dad. It’s sad that they have obviously had some issues and that Caitlyn wasn’t on-hand to support her youngest daughter. Who made that decision we don’t and probably won’t know.

It’s nice that Kylie seems to have genuinely close friendships with a lot of girls. So many people could have sold her out for a lot of money, but they chose to support their friend. Although Kylie is putting a happy spin on it she was still only 19 when she learned she was pregnant by someone she was only with for a matter of weeks. It’s nice that she got support from friends who probably aren’t much older than she is. Her bestie, Jordan, seems like the ride or die friend who we could all do with in life.

From the home movie it seemed like Kylie was living her best life the past few months. There’s definitely been an air of sadness around Kylie for the past few years. She seems very withdrawn often, especially in comparison to the other Kardashians. That is just our armchair diagnosis though. In the video a number of times we see Kylie laughing. Properly laughing. The uncontrolled, genuine, laughing that you do around friends. She ate what she wanted and just chilled out. Since Kylie was 9 years old her life was on constant display, so it was nice that she got some genuine time to herself. It also proves that if you’re a celebrity you don’t have to be photographed if you don’t want to be. In her note Kylie stated that she just wanted to enjoy her pregnancy out of the public eye and keep her baby private, which is very understandable.
With all that said, we’re still a little bit skeptical. If Kylie had have confirmed her pregnancy months ago and shared some details the birth still would have been a big deal. But she made it an even bigger deal by not talking about it and hyping it up with her silence. She also dropped the news on Super Bowl Sunday in The States. The Super Bowl is a huge deal over there. Whereas on a Sunday some journalists might not be working on Super Bowl Sunday you can bet that nearly every journalist in the US is working. This would have insured an even quicker turn around of stories to help “break the internet”.
She’s either going to be the biggest famewhore or ride off into the sunset and forget about fame. We hope she does give up fame and keep her daughter private if that’s what she wants. We have a sneaky suspicion about the first one. Who films that much of your pregnancy including doctors appointments? We think Kylie might have gotten us all. Only time will tell. It will also be interesting to see what happens with Kylie Cosmetics because there’s talk that Kris Jenner is looking for a buyer for the company. Kylie also held back very specific details like the name and actual footage of the baby. Will we get a followup video with the baby and her name? It’s clever because it has still left us wanting more.
And on one last note. Please remember Kylie is a multi-zillionaire. She has the means and the money to provide for this baby that nearly every other 20-year-old on the planet would not be able to rival. A baby is for life, not just a cute YouTube montage!
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