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Leaving Cert Diary: April

Leaving Cert Diary: April

Sorcha Kennedy

Last year writer, Sophie Coffey, kept us up to date in the run up to her Leaving Cert exams with her Leaving Cert Diary series…we all know how that turned out now.

This year another writer, Sorcha Kennedy, will be documenting her experience in 6th Year. With a lot still going on due to the pandemic and uncertainty over the 2021 exams, it will definitely be an interesting one to follow every month.

The countdown is well and truly on!

When I am writing this I only have nine days left of school until I say my final goodbye to the pink building that I’ve become so familiar with. I don’t think the reality that I’m actually leaving has hit me yet because I’m so wrapped up in assessments and study plans.

It’s hard to believe that it’s all going to be over so soon and that I will then have to face the dark cloud that has been looming over me for the last eight months, the Leaving Cert.

The Beginning of The End

Over the last month there have been a few moments where the reality of my impending graduation has truly hit me. The first being the lunchtime where we discussed and debated possible graduation songs and chose different readings for the ceremony.

The second being my final Maths grind, which was a great weight off my shoulders as I’ve chosen not to sit the exam in June but was surreal to think all my hard work over the last few years was over just like that.

And the third being every time someone has said “wow it’s crazy that we’ll be done school in ____ many day’s”.

Anyone who knows me knows that I’ve never really been a huge fan of school but I would be lying if I said I wouldn’t miss the little things like the lively conversations at lunchtime or the chaos after a teacher announces an unexpected test.

Life After Leaving Cert

Despite the sadness and quite honestly, fear, surrounding leaving school and the big exams that follow, I am more than ready to start the next chapter in my life. I have no idea what the next chapter will be but hey, that’s half the excitement.

I can’t wait to feel the wave of relief after my final exam and to enjoy a stress free summer. I think I’ll probably sleep for three days straight after!

See Also

Our summer is definitely looking up with the government announcing the lifting of certain restrictions from the 10th of May. I am seriously looking forward to getting my haircut and my nails done (just in time for my 18th birthday and graduation which is nice even if no one will get to see them) and being able to actually go into a shop.

Almost There

The next two months are going to be crazy, like seriously crazy. I’m hoping that once I’m done with school I’ll have more time and energy to deal with my study load because I’m seriously drained right now.

It seems like a lot but I hope any Leaving Cert student reading this is taking care of themselves. It’s easy to compare yourself to others and how much study they’re doing (or say that they’re doing) but it’s important to remember that you just have to work to the best of your ability and to not over do it.

We’re on the home stretch now!

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