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Summer Nail Art Inspiration

Summer Nail Art Inspiration

Róisín Lynch

It has just been announced that the salons are coming back from May 10th. They are coming back with a bang just in time to show off some killer summer nail art.  We are counting down the days until we get to see our nail technician again. Until then however, we are going to have to spend the days dreaming of what we are going to get done on our first trip back to the salon.

We’ve been spending a little (a lot!) of time on instagram. Enough time to see some pretty cool nail art that could serve as potential choices for our first visit back to the salon and first nail art of the summer season.

Here’s a look at some of the top summer 2021 nail art ideas…

Oopsie Daisy Nails

How cute are these daisy themed nails! We are loving the two-tone colour. This look can be easily created with any pastel colour really, and with or without the use of acrylic. The daisy detail gives out fresh summer vibes.  This look would work so well with your favourite summer outfits. Perfect for days in the park with some friends.

Colour drop

We love how cool these colour drop nails look. They look effortless but are really eye-catching. You will definitely be getting compliments with this one. They are a great addition to any outfit and easily paired with so many different colour choices.

Pastel Rainbow

Simple but cute! This pastel rainbow nail art is so pretty and perfect for warm sunny days! We love the neutral nail, with the detail being just on the tip of the nail.

Statement Colour

Why not make a statement with your nails. We’ve been stuck inside for so long we might as well come out bold when we do…and nothing is bolder than these multicoloured nails. This look will make a statement even just on regular length nails.

French mani but make it pastel

We are so in love with these pastel french manicure nails. If you are a lover of neutral or plain nails then this might be the perfect option for you this summer! They still have the same chic, classy look of the french manicure but add a pop of colour by changing the colour of the tip. We love!

Pineapple nails

How fun are these pineapple nails! You can’t help but feel super summery and happy with these nails.

If you are looking for some inspiration to tie you over until you can get back in to the salon give some of these  12 nail art designs for home manicure inspo a go

Which of the top summer 2021 nail art idea is your fave?

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