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Long Distance Family: Keeping in contact with family members during COVID

Long Distance Family: Keeping in contact with family members during COVID

Sophie Coffey

For some people, the easing of restrictions has allowed for socially distanced reunions with relatives. Unfortunately for the rest of us, our extended families live abroad and with no fixed end to the travel restrictions in sight, this can be disheartening. Thankfully there are some great practical ways to ease the difficulty of missing your family members.
Here’s how to keep in contact with family from a long distance.

Value Every Video Call

I have spent more time on video calls this year than I have in my seventeen previous years combined! The occasional dodgy WiFi signal aside, this has actually been a brilliant thing. It has enabled us to make connections we might not have done otherwise.
Nothing can replace seeing them in person but chatting to your family live through a screen still allows you to catch all of those wonderful traits and quirks that make them the person you love. It is true that older relatives may need a little help initially. However, once they are set up it is a great method of communication.
My Grandparents have certainly proven that they are just “recycled teenagers” and are now FaceTime experts. They even recently learned how to switch the camera around!

Send a letter

Technology really has been an absolute blessing throughout this pandemic but if you fancy doing something a little unique or different then consider sending a letter. So much communication is completed through email these days (that sentence makes me sound decades older than I am!). This is why a letter might have a more valuable impact than you imagine. There is no need for your letter to be a Shakespearean masterpiece in order for it to make someone’s day so why not give it a go!

Make memories – literally!

Normally when we talk about making memories with our families, we are referring to quality time spent together. While it might be a while before you trek down your grandparent’s lane, a trip down memory lane is a fantastic alternative. Consider taking the time to create physical mementos. Scrapbooks, memory boxes or personalised crafts can be great fun to make. They also leave you with something precious to look back on for your time and effort.

Send a little gift

We might not be travelling abroad at the moment – unless it is absolutely essential! But if the quantity of online shopping that has “mysteriously” arrived at my door is any indication, our packages definitely are. There is absolutely no need for large or extravagant gifts that will empty your purse but something small and specialised will demonstrate to the recipient that you are thinking of and miss them. Be sure to check the postal instructions first!

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Things Will Get Back To Normal

We cannot come up with a set date by which this pandemic will be over. But ultimately our lives will return to relative normalcy and non-essential travel will resume. There is no denying that missing family is hard but eventually we will be able to have all the wonderful reunions and family hugs that we miss right now.
How do you keep in contact with family from a long distance?

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