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Lucky Girl Syndrome: What Is It and How to Start

Lucky Girl Syndrome: What Is It and How to Start

Rachael Dunphy
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If your TikTok algorithm has been anything like mine since the start of 2023, you’ll know all about Lucky Girl Syndrome. With the start of a new year, every influencer and social media platforms have been flooded with ‘bettering yourself’ for 2023. 

But unlike the pilates adverts and smoothie recipes, Lucky Girl Syndrome isn’t something that will hit your bank balance.

The Origins of ‘Lucky Girl Syndrome”

One TikTok creator, Laura Galebe (@lauragalebe), who calls herself ‘The Lucky Girl’, has over 150k followers who listen to her advice on friendship, self love, and manifestations. In a TikTok she posted in mid December 2022, Laura talks about ‘The Lucky Girl Syndrome’, a technique she uses where each day she simply tells herself and those around her “I am so lucky”. She says since changing her attitude a few years ago, opportunities have been thrown at her ‘out of nowhere’, and tells herself daily “great things are always happening to me unexpectedly”.


But Laura isn’t the only creator on the Lucky Girl Syndrome trend. Another user (@skzzolno), went viral at the end of 2023 for her video discussing how ‘everything works out’ for both her and her friend because of Lucky Girl Syndrome, from their grades in college, to their favourite restaurant still being open by the time they arrived. 

A lot of TikTok users are comparing Lucky Girl Syndrome to The Law of Attraction. According to Elizabeth Scott PhD, “The law of attraction is a philosophy suggesting that positive thoughts bring positive results into a person’s life, while negative thoughts bring negative outcomes.”

How to be a Luck Girl

So is getting started really as simple as positivity? It’s impossible to be positive in every situation – we all know that, so where do you start with Lucky Girl Syndrome? 

First off, it goes without saying, Lucky Girl Syndrome is an attitude open to anyone, not just girls with influencer status. Putting this lucky technique into practice can be done whenever, wherever you get the chance. 

The best place to start, we think, is TikTok. There’s thousands of videos teaching you the best mantras to start your day, from staying positive when things aren’t going your way, to ‘Lucky Girling’ your way into your dream college or career. 

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Podcasts and music are also a good shout for your first steps into Lucky Girl Syndrome. There’s plenty of ready made playlists on your music streamer to get you in the headspace for Lucky Girl Syndrome, or even taking time out for a manifestation podcast to get your lucky visions flowing. 

Speaking of visions, we all know how useful Pinterest can be helping to manifest your dreams and aspirations, so why not try the visual discovery app to help picture your Lucky Girl Life. You can use apps like Pinterest for manifestation ideas as well as finding inspiration for your Lucky Girl lifestyle.

Whether Lucky Girl Syndrome is a real extension of the Law of Attraction, or if it’s just another TikTok trend, there’s definitely no downside to believing in yourself and your dreams.

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