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Makeup Stain Removal Hacks You Need To Know

Makeup Stain Removal Hacks You Need To Know

Róisín Lynch

We’ve all been there, we take out our favourite white blouse for a special occasion only to come home with a lovely foundation mark smudged in to it. Makeup stains are a killer, one mark of concealer or tan and the top is usually a goner.

Before you throw that lovely white dress in to the pile of clothing items that didn’t survive the night, try some of these makeup stain removal hacks. Let your clothes win the battle against makeup stains once and for all!

Shaving Cream

Who would have thought the solution to makeup stains was sitting in our bathroom cabinets this whole time?

Shaving cream is the key to removing smears from oil-free foundation. If you are really struggling to get the stain to lift, you can try adding a small bit of alcohol. To ensure complete stain removal, throw the garment in the wash after use. Your top will be like new again and no one will ever have any idea!

Bicarbonate Soda

Bicarbonate soda or baking soda as it is otherwise called, could be the solution to your makeup stain horrors! Mixing equal parts baking soda and water makes a paste that helps draw the stain out of the fabric to be trapped and held in by the baking soda. As the paste dries, it removes the stain.

Dish Soap

Another makeup stain removal hero that has been sitting in our house cabinet’s the whole time. As most liquid based make up is oil based. Think products such as foundation, CC Cream, BB Cream and even mascara. Dish soap fights off grease, which pulls out the oil based makeup stain.

Wet the area where the stain is with water, apply dish soap to the stain with a toothbrush. Scrub the stain until it is gone and wash the garment.

Au revoir makeup stain!

Hairdryer For Loose Powder Stains!

I can’t count the amount of times I have dropped a dollop of loose powder on my clothes. While your instinct may be to grab a face wipe or a towel, this is the worst thing you can do! Instead what you want to do is run and get your hairdryer to blow off the powder sitting on your top. If you don’t have a hairdryer handy, blow your mouth instead.

To make sure the stain is completely removed and there’s no chance of it seeping in to the clothing item, finish off by adding a few drops of liquid soap to the stain. Put a drop or two of soap directly on the stain. Wipe the area with a damp sponge or wash cloth and blot with a clean dry towel to get the excess water out. Throw in the wash and you won’t ever know you got powder on it!

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For Quick Removal – Makeup Wipes

Not for your powder stains though! For small stains that haven’t had the chance to soak in to the garment yet. If you’ve accidentally smeared something on yourself or wiped your top on your face, grab a makeup wipe for instant removal! Dab the spot lightly as not to rub the stain in to the garment.

If there is still a small residue of the stain left on the top wash it properly with laundry detergent or a stain removal when you get home.

May the days of saying goodbye to your favourite tops because of makeup stains be no more.

Have you any makeup stain removal hacks? Let us know in the comments below!

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