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Movie Sequels That Were Even Better Than The Originals

Movie Sequels That Were Even Better Than The Originals

Sophie Coffey

An utterly brilliant first film is both a blessing and a curse. Yes, that first instalment is a fantastically crafted movie to enjoy. But, it does make it a lot harder for any of the following instalments to live up to the admiration. Unfortunately on many occasions this has led to great failures or disappointment for fans. Thankfully, however,  there have been a handful of successful sequels!

Toy Story 2

Disney don’t necessarily have the best track record of sequels – the opposite in fact! But there have definitely been some second instalments that have pleased fans and Toy Story 2 is top of that list! The original Toy Story will always be a film of nostalgia and adoration, but its sequel more than held its own! The adored fictional cast of the first film were further furnished in Toy Story 2 by the introduction of creative new characters including Jessie and Bullseye. There were also improvements to the animation and a deeper exploration into the emotional side of the story.

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Back To The Future 2

Back to the Future is definitely a classic but the second film in the series is often remarked upon as the best. Unlike its predecessor, Back to the Future II actually offers us an insight into the crazy and creative ideas of the unpredictable “future”. The inventiveness of the sequel definitely wins it bonus points. So too does the screen time afforded to popular characters like George, Lorraine and Biff.

Shrek 2

The catchy songs, hilarious characters and comedic script are all to thank for making this sequel one of DreamWorks Animation’s most popular releases. Shrek 2 followed the success of the original by further developing the existing and beloved characters. They also introduced new and dramatic individuals such as Puss in Boots and the Fairy Godmother. Filled with jokes and entertainment this sequel managed to meet and surpass the comedic standards of the original.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

The success of The Hunger Games books was partially thanks to main character and heroine Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence). However, to the disappointment of many fans, the strengths of her character – while distinctly penned in the novel – did not always appear on screen. That is, until the second instalment. In Catching Fire, the best parts of Suzanne Collins’; novel, plot and characters were emphasised and enhanced. This produced a film that exceeded both its expectations and its predecessor.

Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam

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Much as we loved the spontaneous bursts of; singing, dancing and awkward food fights, brought to us by the original Camp Rock, the sequel was definitely an improvement! The plot might not be winning any Oscars! But it is far better developed, both for the characters and the audience. The songs, dance routines and general script were more polished and inventive this time around too. Camp Rock 2 also gave us some great Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato screen time!

Paddington 2

Okay, so this might be another kids film but in no way do you have to be a child to enjoy it! As a proud Paddington fan myself I was thrilled that the second film was filled with even more moments of fun and uproarious laughter than its prequel! We all need a bit of light hearted escapism now and again, particularly in this current climate so why not give this family friendly classic a go!

Are there any sequels you preferred to the original?

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