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Rom Coms For People Who Hate Rom Coms

Rom Coms For People Who Hate Rom Coms

Sorcha Kennedy

Cheesy rom coms like Notting Hill and The Notebook are not for everyone. For me personally, these movies are not my vibe, but I do enjoy a bit of comedic romance. Here is a list of my favourite “anti rom coms” that will make you smile, but aren’t cringe.

How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days

Benjamin (played by Matthew McConaughey) makes a bet that he can make any girl fall in love with him and meets Andie (played by Kate Hudson), who has to write an article on how to lose a guy in 10 days.
This movie is definitely the anti rom-com, as Andie spends the majority of the movie trying to get Benjamin to break up with her. This movie is full of fun and a small bit of romance, but it’s sure to have you laughing the whole way through

Emma (2020)

Based on the book Emma by Jane Austen, the story follows Emma Woodhouse (played by Anya Taylor-Joy) and her mischievous and often misguided matchmaking of her family and friends.
Although this movie revolves around romance, it is definitely not your typical rom-com. Between Emma’s troublesome antics and some hilarious side characters, you’ll almost forget that love is at the centre of the story.
Fun fact: Clueless was actually inspired by the book Emma, and you’ll definitely notice some similarities

You Again

Marni (played by Kristen Bell) is shocked when she returns home for her brother’s wedding and finds out that he’s marrying her high school bully Joanna.
This hilarious comedy is jam-packed with physical comedy and cute romantic moments. It also stars Jamie Lee Curtis and Betty White, so what more could you want?

The Break-Up

When Brooke (played by Jennifer Anniston) and Gary (played by Vince Vaughan) break up, neither of want to move out of their shared apartment leading to endless fights and hilarious situations.
This movie is literally about a couple who have broken up, the exact opposite of a typical romantic comedy. It’s hilarious and heartwarming, a must watch!

See Also

My Best Friend’s Wedding

Julianne (played by Julia Roberts) is shocked when she finds out her best friend Michael is getting married and hatches a plan to try and stop the wedding so she can have him for herself.
This hilarious romantic comedy is my personal favourite Julia Roberts movie and has lots of iconic moments. Cameron Diaz is also a standout in this movie for her amazing performance!

The Other Woman

When Carly (played by Cameron Diaz) finds out that her boyfriend Mark has a wife, they conspire together to mess with him.
This movie turns the idea of women fighting for a man’s attention on its head and is a great example of female sisterhood (with a dash of romance).
What’s your favourite romantic comedy?

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