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Old School 2000’s TV Shows you need to watch

Old School 2000’s TV Shows you need to watch

Rachael Dunphy

“They don’t make them how they used to.”

How many times have you heard older generations say that about Gen Z music, movies and TV shows. Well, unfortunately, sometimes, I have to agree with them. 

Back before Netflix came to Ireland, and streaming didn’t even exist, teens would be glued to their tv’s at the same time every week waiting for the next episode of their favourite show. 

We might joke with them now about their side partings and their skinny jeans, but Millenialls had some pretty good tv shows made purely for teens, and I think it’s about time to give them a second chance. Here’s some of the best 2000’s TV shows…

Dawson’s Creek

Ahhh the 90s. Floppy hair and friends to lovers, what more could you want. The show follows a group of teenagers in a small town called Capeside (think The Summer I Turned Pretty but without smartphones), as they fall in and out of love and have all the typical teenage experiences. There’s six seasons of the show to fall in love with, and you might even recognise some now famous faces as young stars.

One Tree Hill

Have you ever watched ‘Freaky Friday’ or ‘A Cinderella Story’ and thought ‘I need some more Chad Michael Murray in my life’?. Well ‘One Tree Hill’ is your answer. The show follows Lucas (Murray) and his half brother Nathan as they navigate their teen years and beyond in a tiny town called Tree Hill in North Carolina. It’s your typical American High School show with love, lust and a time before Insta and TikTok. 

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy was a 90’s cult classic that was a bit edgier than ‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch’. As being a once in a generation vampire slayer wasn’t enough, Buffy Summers has to keep on top of her normal life, including school, friendships and relationships. The show launched some massive careers including Sarah Michelle Gellar of ‘Scooby Doo’ fame and Michelle Hannigan from ‘How I Met Your Mother’. You won’t have to go far if you fancy Buffy’s gory tales, as you can stream all seven seasons on Disney+. 

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Gossip Girl

Before you say it, no, not the reboot that got cancelled. I’m talking about the OG only. There’s only one negative from watching Gossip Girl – your bank account will hate you as you spend the day searching for flights to bring you straight to New York City. If you haven’t watched the iconic 2000’s teen drama, the show follows a group of private school students on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, whose lives are controlled by a gossip website. There’s six seasons of twists and turns to find out who Gossip Girl really is, and luckily, Serena, Blair and their crazy fashion choices are waiting for you on Netflix.

Hmm maybe our parents were right – they just don’t make them like they used to. Do you prefer 2000’s TV shows or modern ones from the 2020’s? Let us know over on our Instagram or TikTok!

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