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Period Hacks: How To Have A Better Period

Period Hacks: How To Have A Better Period

Aimee Walsh

Please raise your hand if you’ve been personally victimised by period cramps.

For many of us, periods aren’t exactly the happiest time of our month as they can bring a wave of mood-swings, sleep problems, acne and cramps. Ah, what a joy it is to be a woman. There are many things we can do to help ease the discomfort and pain that a lot of us face during that dreaded time.

Here are some of our top period hacks to help yo through that time of the month…


Ok, please bear with me for a second, I know this doesn’t sound as appealing as sitting in bed eating ice cream but it will help! We’re not saying you’ve to jump up and run a 10k or hit the gym, but even going on a long walk or doing some low-intensity exercise such as swimming or yoga can help improve period cramps as well as boosting your mood.

Endorphins released during exercise reduce the perception of pain and improve blood circulation, easing cramps. Endorphins released during and after workouts also trigger a positive feeling in the brain, improving your mood.

Hot Water Bottle

A hot water bottle is a must-have item for anyone that suffers with any sort of cramps during their period. Hot water bottles help to reduce the pain by the heat they produce, and ease up tension. For those times when you need to just chill out and binge Netflix in bed, place a hot water bottle over your tummy and it will seriously help ease those awful cramps.


Similar to hot water bottles, the heat from a warm bath will help relax your body and loosen up any tension or pain you may have. Adding certain products such as Epsom salts to your bath can be another great way to reduce painful periods. Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) helps reduce muscle cramping, and will help relax your uterus when it is contracting during your period. Run a bath, light some candles, put on a chill Spotify playlist and relax.


Meditation has been linked to an array of health benefits, including relieving pain. Aside from easing pain, it can also alleviate PMS symptoms such as water retention and hot flashes. It can also help anxiety and stress that may be heightened by hormones during your period. Using proper breathing techniques as an alternative to pain medication can be a powerful tool when you want to reach for the panadol.

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Bed, Netflix & food

So, lying in bed, eating junk food and binging reality shows isn’t scientifically proven to ease period pain, but it does make me feel so much better when I’m in the pits of period hell. 6 seasons of The Hills in one day while eating McDonalds? Sounds good to me.

Rest is extremely important while on your period. Some people may find it difficult to get a proper nights sleep during this time, as your hormones are out of whack, so if you do get the chance to have a lazy day watching Netflix, definitely do it and take it easy.

Have you any period hacks to share?

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