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Bisexuality: Common Myths debunked

Bisexuality: Common Myths debunked

Sarah Kirwan

Bisexuality is something that has existed practically forever, and yet everyone seems to have a (sometimes false) opinion on it, here are some of the common misconceptions of bisexuality debunked. 

  1. Bisexual people only like cis men and women

       Many people wrongly believe that bisexuality equals attraction to cis people, while pansexuality for people who also like trans people and people who identify elsewhere on the gender spectrum. 

This is untrue, as trans women are women and trans men are men, and bisexual people can like people outside of the gender binary. 

  1. Bisexual women are faking for attention 

     A common stereotype is that bisexual women pretend to like women to get the attention of men. This makes zero sense as queer people face so many struggles compared to straight people, so no one is going to want to deal with abuse for the attention of men. 

  1. Bisexual men are secretly gay

It sounds stupid, I know! But, believe it or not, this is another common stereotype. In the media, if there is a bisexual character, it’s most likely a woman. This enforces the idea that only women can be bisexual, while men can either be gay or straight. 

  1. Bisexuality is a ‘stepping stone’ to realising that you’re gay

   False!  A lot of queer people experiment with different labels to find out which one fits them. Some people might identify as bisexual for a short while, but then realise that they prefer the term queer. 

This is completely normal, and is part of finding out who you are. However, bisexual people exist and they aren’t necessarily on a journey to finding out that they’re actually gay. 

  1. Bisexual people can just ‘pick a side’

Some people are under the false impression that bisexual people are just indecisive and should just pick a gender to like. However, this is exactly what bisexuality (and other multisexual identities) is for. Many people find themselves unable to just ‘make up their minds’ on which gender they prefer. 

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