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Ramadan: A Focus On Gratitude, Mindfulness And Reflection Of Behaviours

Ramadan: A Focus On Gratitude, Mindfulness And Reflection Of Behaviours

Yussra Benrabah

Ramadan is a holy month for Muslims to reconnect with their faith through fasting, praying, reading the Quran and increasing good deeds. The first thing people think about when they hear the word Ramadan is the act of fasting as it is a big part of the sacred month, however what most people don’t know is that muslims are encouraged to be mindful of their actions such as to avoid swearing, backbiting and losing your temper. 

Practising gratitude and mindfulness is a vital part of Islam but like most people we sometimes get overwhelmed with daily tasks that lead us to lose our temper and complain. The whole month of Ramadan serves as a reminder to be mindful of how you act and to practise gratitude for the simple things. Romanticising the little things and making mundane tasks seem more enjoyable is very Gen Z. Similarly, Ramadan acts as a month-long romanticisation of each and every thing and feeling grateful for all that we have, even the little things. 

Like the New Year, Ramadan serves as a time of reflection on what we have accomplished the previous year and what we hope to get out of the following year. Muslims during this month will pray to thank god for all that they’ve accomplished while also praying for the blessings they want the following year. This time of reflection allows Muslims to see where they are at life and to change what they want. 

Overindulgence is also frowned upon in Islam and Ramadan’s mindfulness allows for a healthier relationship with food. Not only has it been proven to have health benefits but fasting allows you to practise mindful eating. Instead of overeating, you get to enjoy the meal after the sun sets and the food is enjoyed so much more when you are practising mindfulness. 

Connecting with our community is also encouraged amongst Muslims during Ramadan and with such a diverse amount of muslims, we get to experience how different cultures spend their Ramadan such as what traditional food they get to break their fast with or what traditions they implement into this blessed month. 

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Overall Ramadan is a great time for muslims to reconnect with their spirituality, reflect on their actions and accomplishments while also being mindful of those less fortunate. This sacred month is one that is anticipated every year by Muslims all over the world.

What are you grateful for this year?

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