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Reusable Period Products That Aren’t Menstrual Cups

Reusable Period Products That Aren’t Menstrual Cups

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A n image of Reusable Period Products That Aren't Menstrual Cups. Pictured is a reusable tampon applicator, period pants and a reusable pad.

No shade; menstrual cups are great, they just aren’t for everyone. And that’s ok. We are shamed enough for our periods, we don’t need to add the extra pressure of having to also be sustainable. Some people get on great with menstrual cups and some people are not into the idea at all, that’s fine.

If you are interested in trying to make an effort to be more sustainable with your period products, there are some other ways that we can try make a difference.

Here are a few ways that you can cut down on waste when it comes to your period…

Period Pants

Period pants are probably the most accessible when it comes to reusable period products. Since first coming on the market a few years ago period pants have become a lot more common, which means they’ve also come down in price. Everywhere from ASOS to M&S ,and the always reliable Penneys, now sell period pants starting from €7.

These are a great way to cut down on what you use during your period. They are ideal if you worry about leakages in school or when playing sport as they come in different absorbency levels.

There is an issue about having to wash them during your period, so a few pairs are needed. But even if you choose to just wear them at night, that’s a small way you can play your part in cutting down on waste.

Reusable Tampon Applicators

I don’t know about you, but I’ve often been left shocked by the amount of empty plastic applicators that I’m left with after my period. Some brands have applicators that are recyclable (once they’ve been washed throughly), but it’s still a lot of plastic to be sending out into the world and I often worry if they are actually being recycled.

Enter Dame; a company that makes reusable tampon applicators. Just pop your tampon into the applicator, insert it and you’re ready to go – no plastic applicator to dispose of.

The beauty of Dame is that you can use any tampon brand with the applicator. Tampons without the applicators are also usually cheaper, so you’re going to save yourself some money and the environment too. They are also stocked on ASOS, so it’s easy to throw in a box of tampons with your order.

Reusable Pads

Not only do Dame make reusable tampon applicators, they have recently launched reusable pads.

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Made using unique DAMEdry™ technology, five layers work together for total period protection. The top layer quickly wicks away moisture, while the waterproof lining prevents leaks and the antimicrobial technology prevents odour. They come in 3 different sizes for your needs and a wash bag. Like the period pants, there is a little bit more planning but again it’s a nice easy change to consider.

I know a lot of us try to cut down on our waste as much as possible and I’m a big believer in doing the best that we can. There’s enough shame, stigma and pressure when it comes to periods as it is and of course there is an affordability factor as well, period poverty is a big issue even in Ireland.

Don’t feel like you have to make these changes if it doesn’t work for you. Or even if you only use these products for part of your period, every little thing helps when it comes to the environment. And it will also save you some money in the long term.

Are you going to try make an effort to use reusable period products?

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