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It’s 25 Years Since Clueless Was Released, Ugh As If!

It’s 25 Years Since Clueless Was Released, Ugh As If!

Sorcha Kennedy

Yesterday (19th July) marks 25 years since Clueless was released in theatres.
This movie has stood the test of time and still influences pop culture today (for example, Iggy Azaleas music video for Fancy and collections by Alexander Wang, Roberto Cavalli, and Mason Margiela). It’s everyone’s go-to at a sleepover and has some of the best fashion (and one-liners) in movie history.

The Best Quotes

Clueless could possibly be one of the most quoted movies of all time. With amazing lines like “ugh as if”, “that was way harsh”, “Do you prefer fashion victim or ensembley challenged?”, and “Oh my god, I am totally buggin’.” – how couldn’t it be your favourite movie?

Fun Facts

There are lots of fun facts about this movie. For example, the plot of the movie is loosely based off of the book Emma by Jane Austen, which follows the story of Emma Woodhouse who is obsessed with meddling in peoples love lives, sound familiar?
Another fun fact is that Cher could’ve been played by either Reese Witherspoon or Sarah Michelle Gellar, but Alicia Silverstone was cast after the casting director saw her in the music video for Aerosmith’s song Crazy. 
Also, Paul Rudd almost played Christian, how crazy would that have been?

The Best Outfits

This movie has so many great outfits it was so hard to choose but these are my ultimate favourites.

Cher’s Iconic Yellow Plaid Co-Ord

This is THE most iconic outfit in the movie without a doubt. To this day it’s still in style and I dream about finding a suit that fits me like this!

Cher’s Gym Class Outfit

This outfit is super trendy right now, especially the biker shorts. I wish I looked this stylish during PE.

See Also

Tai’s First Day Outfit

Lot’s of people seem to forget that Tai has some seriously good outfits. This particular one is super on-trend at the moment (serious Brandy Melville vibes).

Dionne’s Moto Set School Outfit

Personally, I’m obsessed with matching sets and this movie has some of the best in history. This black set with the bright cropped jumper underneath is gorgeous and is one of my favourite outfits from Dionne.

Cher’s Muted Grey Outfit

This is the perfect outfit inspo for when the weather is a little colder. The light grey plaid skirt paired with the grey fur-trimmed cardigan is to die for!
If you want to celebrate the anniversary, Clueless is available to watch on Netflix!

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