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Shacket Weather Is Officially Here!

Shacket Weather Is Officially Here!

Team Missy

The Shacket trend doesn’t seem to be going away, thank God.

We’re not really sure what we did before the Shacket and to be honest we don’t really want to remember that time.

A hybrid between a shirt and a jacket, the Shacket is perfect for keeping warm in those in-between seasons and makes every outfit look a bit more pulled together.

If you already own a Shacket, great, dig it out again. They’re a versatile piece that will last you. If you’re looking to invest in one we suggest going with a neutral tone that will work with anything and/or a check or tartan print one. A print really adds to an outfit and give it a fun twist, but tartan and check prints are timeless so you’ll get a lot of wear out of them. Popular colours include oranges and autumnal colours but lilac is still very popular.

Here’s some of our top picks for the best Shackets for autumn 2021…

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Are you still liking the Shackets in 2021?

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