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Signs That You Need A Social Media Detox

Signs That You Need A Social Media Detox

Ella Morley

Are you guilty of spending too much time on your phone?

I guarantee a social media detox will make you feel better than scrolling currently does. If you have been meaning to try one or relate to anything below then this is your sign to engage in a social media break.

You are experiencing separation anxiety

Are you experiencing separation anxiety? Do you constantly feel the need to check your phone? What if you receive a notification? Do you feel the need to check Twitter or Facebook straight away? What about TikTok or reddit? Do you need to view the latest video right at this moment or read the latest thread? Are you able to survive without doing so? Be honest.

If these incidents are frequent in your life, you may be experiencing separation anxiety from social media. If this is the case, then there’s no question about it – you need engage in a social media detox.

You compare yourself to those online

Do you compare yourself to your family, friends, and strangers after you look at their social media profile? Are you constantly jealous of what you see and began to wish you were them because ‘they have it so much better’?  Are you beginning to feel inadequate about your own life and achievements?

If you answered yes to any of these questions maybe it is time to delete those apps for a little while and take a much-needed social detox.

It is important to remember that nobody is perfect despite what it may look like. Everybody has bad days. However, it is very uncommon to post about such struggles and in order to remember this, sometimes it is best to take a step back.

You are constantly posting about what you are doing

There are times when taking a picture and posting it on social media is fun. You look good and you were enjoying yourself in the image. Adding this photo to your feed is a positive thing. Self-expression is amazing. However, if you cannot enjoy yourself in any situation without posting about it, then you may have an issue. 

Taking a social media detox would be very beneficial if this sounds like you. It will teach you how to live in the moment and appreciate what’s happening around you without the feeling the need to post about it.

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You spend all your free time on social media

Sometimes when scrolling we do not realise the time that goes by. The creators of the majority of social medias want this and lengthy efforts have been made in order to ensure that this happens. We have all fallen victim to the endless rabbit hole of social media.

However, if it happens to you excessively, then maybe you should try challenging yourself to a social media detox for a week or two. Do this and you will find you have an abundance of extra time. You will begin to realise how much social media consumes you.

Questions like ‘where did the time go?’ will evaporate from your mind. What’s more you will be able to replace your time scrolling with something more productive. A social media detox will allow you to focus on you, your hobbies and be more present in your life overall. 

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