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How To Do A Social Media Detox

How To Do A Social Media Detox

Ella Morley

Social media has taken over our lives. Many people nowadays check Instagram, Twitter or Facebook as if it were the morning newspaper. This is not good for our mental health and so it is important to know how to take a break.

Turn off your notifications

This one is pretty self-explanatory but very effective. When a notification appears on your phones it is likely that in the next few minutes you will end up on a social media platform and sooner rather than later you will find yourself on a social media spiral.

To avoid this habit, try turning off your notifications and you will see your social media time start to decrease.

You do not need to know every time someone goes live or commented on a post you did. Also try removing the apps from your home screen to give you an even better chance of staying away from social media.

Delete all of your social media

The easiest way to avoid social media is to not have it there at all. Removing all your social media apps from your phone will give you the best chance at a detox. Try it temporarily at first for a full 24 hours or even half of that. Evaluate the changes that come about when you do not visit any social media for a day. This may seem impossible but taking this small step will make it seem much more doable than it once was. You will see how little you really need social media in your life and this will drastically reduce time spent scrolling aimlessly.

Detox with a friend

Find a friend who is willing to detox from social media with you. Once you have found someone who is willing to give up social media for a period of time just like you, the process will become ten times easier. This person will give you the extra boost of motivation you need to complete a social media detox. They will appreciate this just as much as you will and they will be able to hold you accountable if you slip up even once and vice versa. This increases your chances of staying off social media dramatically. Find a friend and get cracking!!!

Put away your phone

Putting away your phone is a huge help when it comes to a social media detox. Keep your phone in a place where it is not within reach. Do this at times when you are working or studying. Social media will only provide a distraction. Now every time you reach for your phone for one reason or another it will not be there. Hence, you will not end up checking social media and wind up there for far longer than you intended. Instead, you will remind yourself that you must finish your tasks before getting your phone back.

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Replace social media with a hobby

Social media can take up a lot of time in your day. Eliminate social media and you will be sure to have a lot more spare time in your day. This will leave space for far more productive pursuits. Take up a new hobby or maybe revive an old one and replace social media time with it. You will find yourself feeling far happier in the long run and feel as though you have spent your time wisely.

If you are a victim of constantly checking your notifications or spending hours after falling down a social media rabbit hole, then it may be time for a detox. This may seem like a very hard task to accomplishment but rest assured with a little self-belief and determination, you can do it!!!

Who knows in time, maybe you will start a trend and get your whole family and your friends to do a detox day for a week!

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