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Signs You Have Made A Friend For Life

Signs You Have Made A Friend For Life

Ella Morley

It can be difficult to find a good friend, let alone a friend for life. However, when you do find one, and for those of us lucky enough to have found one, make sure you hold on to them. Never let them go as they are a blessing.

They give you their time

A friend for life will give you their time and vice versa. Not only that but they will also make time for you. In a world where everyone is busy, busy, busy all the time, it can be hard to fit others in.

However, a true friend will always find a space in their schedule to spend time with you. The two of you always make sure to stay in touch and let each other know when you are available. Even after a spell where you have not seen each other for months, when you get to reconnect it feels like nothing has changed between the two of you.

They are always there for you

A true friend for life is always there for you. Even when they are not there in person you know that they care. Give them a quick text or call and they will be sure to respond even if they are unable to pick up the phone at that time. If you ever need advice, they are the first person you go to and vice versa.

You know that they will never judge you and will listen to your feelings no matter what. They will always try to help you out when you need it and you do the same for them.

They are incredibly supportive

You’ll know that when a friend is incredibly supportive of you, that they are certainly fit to be a friend for life. This person knows all your wildest dreams. Desires you have that may seem crazy to everyone else are always given the green light by a friend for life. They encourage you to pursue them and celebrate even the smallest of your achievements. They are proud of you and never jealous. A friend for life will always be there to cheer you on from the side-lines.

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They love you for who you are

A friend for life will never want you to change. They love you for who you are, quirks and all. They love all your imperfections and flaws because that is what makes you, you. This person will delve deeper than small talk and try to get to know the ‘real’ you. They want to know your biggest fears and weirdest dreams not just about your favourite colour or what you are watching at the moment. A friend for life always seeks to understand you and this only makes them love you more.

You trust them with anything

You can tell this person anything and trust them with all your deepest secrets. You know that they can be honest with you and you can be honest with them. You can have difficult conversations with each other at any time. You know they would never ‘use’ you or abandon you and you know that they will be loyal to you until the end. Trust makes or breaks a true friendship, and all good relationships need to be built on trust in order to last successfully.

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