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Sitcoms To Watch On Netflix

Sitcoms To Watch On Netflix

Yussra Benrabah

After a long hard day of work or school, sometimes all you need is a feel-good sitcom to unwind. With a 20 minute run time sitcoms are perfect for when you don’t have a lot of time or are looking for a no-commitment show to watch. Here’s a collection of the best sitcoms to watch currently streaming on Netflix. 

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2013-2021)

This comedy series follows members of the NYPD more specifically a Brooklyn detective named Jake Peralta as he gets himself into all kinds of interesting situations. With 8 successful seasons this show is bound to keep you entertained with all kinds of content.

New Girl (2011-2018)

Centred around a quirky school teacher, Jess as she finds herself in an unexpected situation where she needs to find an apartment at the last minute. She quickly finds and moves into an apartment with three men Nick, Coach and Schmidt after seeing an ad on craigslist. With very different lifestyles these unlikely people quickly become friends and form a found-family sort of bond.

Schitt’s Creek (2015-2020)

Created by Daniel Levy and his Father Eugene, this show is about a spoiled and wealthy family who lose all their money and are forced into moving into their only asset, a small town called Schitt’s Creek. The show follows this Family as they try to navigate living well below their means and adjusting to small town life. 

Derry Girls (2018-2022)

This is a coming-of-age sitcom and is set during the Troubles in Northern Ireland. It follows protagonist Erin and her group of friends as they navigate teenage life during a very political time in Derry. The dialogue in this show is bound to make you laugh but having touched on some real-life events this sitcom is sure to also make you shed a tear. 

Community (2009-2015)

Set in a community college in a fictional town, Community follows a suspended lawyer, Jeff Winger who is forced to attend a community college. Here he meets a number of interesting people such as a social activist, Britta Perry, a socially awkward Abed Nadir, a single mother, Shirley Bennet and an elderly millionaire Pierce Hawthorne. 

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