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Social Media Apps That Scream Positivity Over Competition

Social Media Apps That Scream Positivity Over Competition

Rachael Dunphy

Our generation has become accustomed to using social media. Whether it be to keep in touch with family or friends, watching entertaining videos, or find out what everyone else around the world is up to, our socials have become our new right hand man. 

However, apps like Instagram, TikTok, VSCO and even Snapchat can have us constantly comparing ourselves to the others around us. Whether it’s someone whose body you envy, or who’s always out having fun with their friends, or even just looks like they have it all together, we spend so much time comparing ourselves with the highlight reels we see online. 

But not all socials are just a highlight reel of happy people showing their happier lives. Some really do show a more human side to the unhuman social media craze.


The world went crazy for BeReal this past summer, as it’s the exact opposite of a highlight reel. Once a day, users get a notification to post whatever they’re doing at that point in time. Of course there’s a chance you’ll be doing something crazy and exciting when you get the random daily notification, but more often than not users will post them studying, in work or school, or even in bed watching their favourite guilty pleasure Netflix show.


Goodreads is for your inner bookworm. The app lets you rate and review your favourite books, connect with friends old and new, and get some ideas for your next book fix. Goodreads also does a reading challenge each year to get your competitive streak flowing, and seeing which of your friends can reach their book goals first!


Just like Goodreads, Letterboxd is a reviewing app, but this time we’re talking all things movies. The app lets you track the movies you watch, see what your friends and family are watching, and leave reviews for what you did or didn’t like. Letterboxd also lets you compile lists for movies you want to watch, your old school favourites, and our favourite, lets you see what percentage of an actor’s work you’ve seen!


Everyone and their granny has had a Pinterest phase over the years. Rather than a typical social media site, Pinterest calls itself an ‘image sharing service’, where users can post their own pictures, or create inspiration boards from images they find. We all love a vision board, so why not head over to Pinterest and get manifesting!

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Is YouTube making a comeback? We absolutely think so! There’s an entire world of YouTube outside of hauls and daily vlogs for when you want to be productive. From learning languages to teaching yourself coding software, there’s something for everyone. YouTube can also offer you tips and tricks for all parts of your life. Whether you’ve just gotten your first job, are heading to college for the first time, or travelling to a brand new country, YouTube’s got you covered for your next step – no matter what that may be. 

Are we forgetting any positive social media apps? Let us know on Instagram !

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