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How To Refresh Makeup

How To Refresh Makeup

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There’s nothing worse than spending an age on your makeup only get catch a glimpse of yourself at mid-day to see that all your handy work has been undone and replaced by a haggard mess. Well, there are worse things, but you understand the struggle.

Here are some simple tips and tricks on how to refresh makeup that may have worn off during the day instead of applying a ton more product, because that just makes it so much worse.

Often operation refresh makeup takes place without your whole dressing table present. So, think about what you might need when putting your handbag together.

The No. 1 Rule

Don’t be tempted to go back in with more foundation. If your skin has excess oil on it it’s only going to mix with the new product to create more of a mess. Ewww! And if you have dry skin, re-applying makeup is only going to highlight the issue more. So, no more foundation!


Blotting Papers Are A Must!

Use blotting paper to remove excess oil that may have built up on your skin. Simply dab (don’t rub!) the paper over your face. The great thing about blotting papers is that they don’t disturb or remove too much of the makeup. If you’re stuck, use some tissue paper.

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Foundation Tip

A really great make-up artist approved tip for fixing foundation that has started to wear off in patches is to use setting spray. Simply spray the area with setting spray and then use a clean foundation brush or Beauty Blender to buff it in.

Missy Loves wet n wild Photo Focus Setting Spray.



Use a light dusting of setting powder to re-set makeup and get rid of any shine. Don’t ever be tempted to drag your expensive lose powder around in your bag – it never ends well! Instead pick up a good budget version to keep in your bag at all times, that way it’s always there when you need it and you won’t be super heartbroken if anything happens to it.

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Conceal, don’t feel

If you feel like you really need more converge over a spot or under your eyes use a small bit of concealer and blend, blend, blend!

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Flush of Blush

Blush is always the easiest and quickest way to refresh makeup and add a bit more life back into your face. Don’t go overboard with it; just a quick swirl on the apples of your cheeks is more than enough. Go for something that has a bit of a glow to it to add a natural flush.

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Have you any tips to refresh makeup?

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