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The Best Fake Tans To Give You That Summer Glow

The Best Fake Tans To Give You That Summer Glow

Caoimhe Mahon

We all love that feeling of having a lovely summer glow but for some of us getting that glow naturally isn’t always an option. We find ourselves reaching for tan from a bottle and even then it can be a nightmare to find a good one. 

So here at Missy we have decided to review some of our tried and tested tans to help you out. Here’s my honest thoughts on some of the most popular fake tan products available in Ireland…

I have tried other BPerfect tans before so when this tan was released I thought I would give it a try and surely it would be good.

The tan comes in a mousse form so usually these are easier to spread across the skin however, a lot of product seems to be needed before an area of skin is fully covered. As it is a one hour express tan you will start to see results instantly, which is always a good thing. However, depending on your natural skin tone and the results you desire, again, a lot of product is needed. I found after applying two coats the results were still lacking and coverage was poor meaning the tan looks blotchy in areas and left me missing that natural warm look.

If you want a shot of tan ASAP this is not the choice for you but if you are willing to exercise patience then the rewards will not disappoint.

This tanning milk spreads easily across the skin meaning you use less product saving both time and money. The milk texture leaves the skin feeling hydrated again enhancing that natural look. I usually apply the tanning milk on a Sunday evening and on Monday, which gives my skin a “warmed” colour. If the product is applied again for the next two evenings then the tan will begin to build, meaning you can control how dark or light the results will be.

An added bonus with this product is the smell, the tanning milk is scented and removes any sickening smell fake tan usually has. 

If the name hasn’t already given it away for you this tan will leave you golden in the best possible way. As soon as you apply the tan the results speak for themselves as your skin is instantly left glowing. The darkness of the tan is noticeable making it ideal for holidays or an evening out but without leaving the skin so tan that it no longer looks natural. I would advise applying the tan the night before needed as it often comes off on clothing leaving marks especially on light clothes.

Skinny Tan have released a number of tans, mists and sprays in various shades. However, if you are looking for a tan for your face then their facial range is the one for you.

I know tanning your face is tricky. If you decide not to tan it then your head does not look part of your body and your makeup is hard to match. On the other hand if you tan your face sometimes it can stick, look blotchy and turn out far too orange.

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Skinny Tan has a range of facial products from gradual builders, masks and drops so you will be able to find something to suit your skin. These products will give you that natural glow without the potential tanning faux pas. 

What’s your favourite fake tan?

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