The Top 5 Self Tan Products To Use For A Sun-Kissed Glow!

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For some of us, summer means self-tan! There are a lot of mixed thoughts when it comes to the use of self (or fake) tan. Whilst it’s a great option for those who want a sun kissed look without exposure to harmful UVB and UVA rays, it’s not for everyone, and that’s perfectly ok. I myself become self-tans biggest fan during the summer months, but choose to embrace my natural paleness in the winter. 

If you are someone who is partial to a bit of self-tanner, then keep reading because we’ve rounded up the top 5 self tan products for summer! Remember, preparation and application are key, but tan disasters do happen. Luckily, there’s self tan eraser for that! 

Top 5 Self-Tanning Products for Summer

Iconic Bronze Luxury Tanning Mousse

Iconic Bronze Mousse contains a unique blend of tanning actives which help you achieve a beautiful and completely natural looking tan.

Iconic Bronze is possibly one of the most recognisable self-tanning brands here in Ireland. It’s super popular, and it’s easy to see why! The mousse texture feels really nourishing on the skin, and the colour pay-off is great. I’ve used both the medium and dark in this tan, and they both looked super natural. 

Bahama Body by Terrie McEvoy​

Known for her flawless, bronze tan all year round, Irish influencer Terrie McEvoy has collaborated with SOSU by Suzanne Jackson to bring you a rich tanning mousse for an amazing price. 

Bahama Body is a great tan for the price, retailing for €10 in Penneys stores and online! It goes on evenly, doesn’t smell overwhelming, and lasts for ages (no joke, this stuff does not budge even when you want it to!). 

This self-tanner comes in 2 shades. You can choose from shades ‘dark’ and ‘ultra dark.’ 

Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam

Enriched with Aloe Vera and infused with a scent of coconut, this lightweight self tanning foam will leave your skin glowing like a day on Bondi Beach!

The Bondi Sands Self-Tanner formula is really hydrating meaning it goes on easily, and has a very natural look. Your skin feels nourished after applying. The tan doesn’t cling to dry spots like elbows and knees, and has a rich coconut-y smell! 

Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan

Cocoa Brown is a household name, so of course it had to be included. The 1 hour tan does exactly what it says, develops in just one hour! The formula dries super quick so you’re not left with that sticky feeling. 

Bare by Vogue Self Tan Foam

Our luxuriously rich self-tan foam is enriched with Super Peptides which help to smooth, plump, firm and improve skins elasticity, all whilst creating a flawless ready to wear colour. 

Bare by Vogue had a lot of mixed reviews when it first hit shelves. But I loved it! It smells really great, is easy to apply and left me the nicest glowy tan! It feels really hydrating as well, with almost creamy/mousse formula. 


What are your favourite self-tan products for summer?

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