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The Best Irish Run Depop Shops

The Best Irish Run Depop Shops

Sorcha Kennedy

If you’re a Depop addict like me, then you probably know how hard it can be to find shops based in Ireland on there. Likewise, as a store owner (shameless plug for my store @stargazerclothing), I know it can also be hard to advertise you’re shop to awaiting customers. It’s super important to support small Irish businesses and buying from them on Depop is a great way to do that.
To help with this I’ve created a list of some of my favourite Irish run Depop shops (there are lot’s of amazing stores on Depop and I’m always looking for new Irish shops to support!).


Sugar and Spice Vintage is a 5 star, Dublin based shop that specialises in vintage 90s and Y2K/ early 2000s clothing and accessories. They sell the cutest stuff at super affordable prices, plus their pictures are very aesthetically pleasing!


Vintage Van Goths sell seriously unique and quirky vintage pieces at great prices. They sell everything from the 80s-2000s and they have something for every style and occasion.


iubi Design sell the most amazing handmade clay jewellery. Their pieces are the perfect way to add a bit (or a lot) of colour into any outfit. These amazing pieces sell out super quickly and you won’t find anything like them anywhere else.


@bilbheaehan aka Sour Milk Market is a Dublin based store that sells the coolest 80s-2000s grunge clothing. They also offer meetups in Dublin if you want to cut down on postage costs. This is the perfect shop for you if you love grunge clothing!


This store is run by Eliza Kehoe, and she sells 2000s/Y2K style clothing. She’s based in Dublin and she uses biodegradable packaging, how cool is that!


Molly Parsons Vintage is owned by Molly Parson, and they sell true vintage 90s and 2000s clothing, as well as redesigned pieces. This is a great shop for people who like to push the boundaries with their clothing!

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Based in Dublin, Niamh Coffeys sells the cutest hand painted jewlerry on both depop and Etsy. They might be some of the coolest pieces of jewellery I’ve ever seen! Definitely perfect for people who love to have fun with their outfits.


Vintage Revamp sells super unique vintage pieces and uses 100% eco-friendly packaging, which means your purchase is 100% sustainable.
Buying sustainably and supporting Irish businesses are both super important, and these shops make it super easy to do so!
What are the best Irish run Depop shops in your opinion?


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