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A Complete Guide To: Depop

A Complete Guide To: Depop

Veronica Murphy
A Complete Guide To : How To Sell Things On Depop And Make Money

Whether your wardrobe is bursting with clothes and you want to declutter, or you love to hunt for quirky, vintage pieces, Depop is the go-to.

Depop has been around since 2011, but it seems just recently that the buying and selling app has really started to grow in popularity.

As an avid user of Depop for many years now I decided to compose this little guide for those of you who want to open up your very own shop and start selling!

1. Good Quality Pictures

One of the most important aspects of your Depop is your pictures. It is the first thing people will see when they visit your shop, so make sure to take the time to get the perfect picture showing what you’ve got for sale.

Stock pictures (those from PLT, Missguided etc) are used quite a lot, however according to Depop you are far more likely to sell your item if you show it styled with other items, or by wearing it yourself so that the potential buyer has a better idea of how the item will look. Most importantly, take the shot in a place with good lighting and try to take more than just one picture.

2. Reasonable Prices

Depop is a place where people hunt out some great bargains, so even if that dress you bought still has the tags on it and hasn’t been worn you probably won’t get back the full price you paid for it. Be reasonable with your prices and honest with yourself about how much an item is worth.

Don’t get too greedy or those unworn clothes won’t ever leave your wardrobe!

3. Set Postage Prices

Having set postage prices not only makes it easier for you but also for the buyer, that way they can see there isn’t going to be any bargaining on the price of postage and you can avoid all that haggling back and forth.

Do your research beforehand to see roughly how much postage will cost. Visiting the An Post website will let you calculate how much an item may cost according to its weight. Most of the things I have posted have cost around a max of €5.50 within Ireland, however if I know an item is heavy I will obviously adjust the postage price accordingly.

4. Bundle/Shipping Deals

If you want to give yourself a better chance of selling more than one item to a customer, make sure to turn on bundle/shipping deals in your settings. By doing so, buyers can get things like free postage when buying more than one item or only paying postage on one item. This gives the shopper an incentive to double up on their purchase and nab the other item they have their eyes on.

5. Everyone Loves A Sale

If you’re looking for another way to attract more customers and clear out your wardrobe in a hurry then the best way to do so is to have a sale! To make it worth the customers time try offering anything from 15% upwards off.

6. Promote Yourself

Ain’t nothin wrong with a lil self promo. Whether you have 10 or 10,000 followers on Instagram or Twitter it’s worth letting everyone know what your shop has to offer. Include hashtags like #Depop and #Depopseller so people can find you!

7. Build Your Reputation

One of the most important things you can do for yourself is to build a good reputation for yourself. In order to get good feedback and reviews from customers you must be an honest and reliable seller. That means no playing down that stain you can’t remove and not posting things in time. You want to make sure you hold a 4-5 star rating for your shop, anything less is slightly off putting for potential buyers.

8. Have Set Posting Days

Once you start building your following and getting frequent buyers, running to the post office every other day can get pretty annoying. Instead, let your followers know that you have set posting days which you can arrange whichever way suits you best, maybe twice a week. You can also let them know that if they need something in time for say an event at the weekend then they should let you know and in that case you may be able to post it for them outside the set days.

9. More To Depop Than Clothes

People buy and sell all sorts on Depop, and those things don’t just stop at clothes. However, make sure to check out the Depop rules before posting anything and everything as they have restrictions about items such as used makeup (for hygienic reasons) as well as things like concert tickets.

Have a quick checkup before posting so as that you’re not breaking any of their guidelines, otherwise your account will get a warning and possible deletion.

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10. Interact With Others

In order for your account to be seen by more users you should interact with others, whether that be by following similar accounts or by liking items that interest you. Having your name popping up in more places means ever better chances of people discovering your page.

11. Make Sales Personal

This can make a big difference with your customers. I remember the first parcel I received from a seller that included a little thank you note addressed to me, along with message saying that the next time I wished to buy from their shop I would get 15% off. A simple touch, but something that can make you stand out from the rest.

12. Be Willing To Negotiate

Something you may soon realise after setting up your Depop account is that people just love to haggle. And some people just love to chance their arm.

While it’s good to be open to negotiating prices in order to make a sale, know what your limits are. Some people can push and push to make you drop your prices, but if you know something is of a lot more worth, don’t let them persuade you otherwise.

13. Reposting Items

Last but not least, make sure you frequently re-list your items. With 13+ million (and still growing) users worldwide there are constantly new items being listed every minute, and that jacket you listed nearly a month ago is probably at the bottom of the search list by this stage. Make a point to re-list items as often as you can so that you can stay appearing in search results.

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