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Why We’re Obsessed With Queer Eye

Why We’re Obsessed With Queer Eye

Neasa Murphy

Two years ago, Netflix gifted us with a reboot of Queer Eye, the fabulous reality show where five talented gay men help people makeover their lives, inside and out.
The fab five, Antoni Porowski, Tan France, Karamo Brown, Bobby Berk and Jonathan Van Ness, who each bring a specific area of expertise to the makeover process, are not only extremely talented, but also funny, warm, and inspiring. Is it any wonder we’re obsessed?
The arrival of Queer Eye season 5 this June was exactly what the doctor ordered. Now that we’ve had a few weeks to binge watch, fan girl, and memorise every episode, let’s take a minute to talk about exactly what makes Queer Eye such an uplifting watch.

It’s a celebration of diversity

Every episode of Queer Eye is a party; it’s fun, it’s exciting, and it’s got something to celebrate. What are we celebrating exactly? The beauty in our differences, of course.  No matter who you are or what your story is, the fab five will see you, hear you, and help you thrive by providing you with a fabulous life-makeover. They understand how it feels to struggle with identity and being different, and they will use their magnificent fashion, beauty, design, and life skills to help you embrace your story.

The Queer Eye makeover is the only makeover we want

Remember when we used to call an awful clichéd montage where a girl takes off her glasses and suddenly becomes “attractive” a “makeover”? Well, those days are gone, and the Queer Eye makeover is officially the new definition of that word. When the fab five burst into someone’s life, they look at the whole picture of that person’s life. They use fashion, beauty, and house décor, to bring someone’s inner personality to the exterior of their life, and help that person show who they are with confidence. There are no surface-level fixes on Queer Eye the fab five spend as much time working on relationships, self-love, and self-care as they do new shirts and haircuts.

Queer Eye teaches us all kinds of handy things about life

While watching the fab five revamp wardrobes, homes, and eating habits, you pick up a lot of tips and tricks along the way. What’s more, they often throw in a bonus tip at the end of an episode. That’s how we learned that you can clean your jeans by freezing them for a few hours (the bacteria will die, and your jeans won’t fade). Thanks guys!

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Queer Eye inspires you to be exactly who you are

The fab five bring so much inclusivity, joy, and self-acceptance to their work, you can’t help but feel inspired watching them. They help people be exactly who they are and who they want to be- how many TV shows do that?  Watching people become happier and more confident, all while laughing and getting tips on cooking, fashion and more…Like we said- no wonder we’re obsessed.


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