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The Foreign Language TV Shows You’re Totally Missing Out On

The Foreign Language TV Shows You’re Totally Missing Out On

Alannah Murray

In a strange time of quarantine with nothing to do and nowhere to go, it is the perfect time to start to pick up a few outlandish things. But new skills and languages can be a lot to take on, so why not try something a little easier such as broadening your TV by watching beyond English language shows?
Here are the foreign language TV shows you’re totally missing out on that need to be added to your Netflix watch list right now!


The Spanish teen thriller drama realised on Netflix in 2018, encompasses all that you need in a TV show; mystery, love, and good-looking Spanish fellas. The drama, set in Les Encinas, in a fictional elitist school, focuses on the three main character, who from their working-class backgrounds only managed to be in the school through their relationships with the rich and privileged who were already enrolled. Described as a guilty pleasure drama by many critics, Elite is the perfect binge-worthy Spanish drama, with three seasons now on Netflix.

Crash Landing On You

A literal star-crossed lover tale, set in Korea, where the honourable heiress Yoon Se-ri from South Korea accidentally crash lands in North Korea, where is recused by special forces pilot Ri Jeong-hyeok. As they plan to get Yoon Se-ri back to the South, they begin to fall for on and other, a love that is literally forbidden due to geo-political backgrounds. Through twists of fate they discover there is much more to uncover about their relationship, in a flurry of wealth and greed from both sides. The perfect romance show, available with subtitles, is available on Netflix now.


The award winning Norwegian original, Skam, has taken Europe and even Texas by storm, with the same show being re-made in 8 different languages, so you can literally take your pick of a language with this one. Each instalment is as good as the last showing how gripping the tales are with each season taking a different character depicting the different struggles in teen life, from sexual assault to coming out. With good story-lines and realistic portrayals of the young lifestyle, Skam is the perfect drama to get stuck into. All the renditions of the shows have their own YouTube for you to watch, just look up Skam and your preferred language.


Baby is the exciting and intriguing show that is loosely based on the true story of two young girls in Rome who, through a mix of wrong place and wrong time, end up mixed with the wrong business. Baby shows how riches and class can lead to devastating outcomes. The show debuted its first season in 2018, meaning that there are currently two seasons on Netflix to sink into.

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Does what it says on the tin, Dark is really and truly a dark and mysterious show.  Dark is an original Netflix show based in Germany, in the small fictional town of Winden, where the unravelling of the disappearance of a local child leads to more complicated and unanswered questions. Our protagonist Jonas, the yellow raincoat wearing quiet boy, goes along with his friends to investigate the local caves in search of answers, where they come across something much darker. A complicated, dark and brilliantly confusing drama, Dark infuses sci-fi with ordinary life so subtly it goes unnoticed until it catches you off guard. The final season has just been dropped on Netflix.
Are you a fan of foreign language TV shows?

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